What I Need

What I Need

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Liner Notes: 

Sort of an anti-pop soul song I guess, in the spirit of Shakespeare's sonnet 130. The vocal chorus is probably a bit much, but I really wanted to do it.


What you offer wouldn’t launch the fleet for Troy
Or bring down the envy of the gods to waste and destroy
It’s not what they sing of in the songs you most admire
It’s not going to set the hearts of men on fire

And you want, and I know you’ve dreamed for so long
And I could say those words, but they would all come out wrong
It’s not that I’m too honest or afraid to deceive
I just know I couldn’t carry it off, or make you believe
What I can do is speak, plain and true
Take offence or be just, it’s up to you

And perhaps in time we’ll lie to one another in our arms
To feed our love, and to keep it safe from harm
But right now, in this moment, and with eyes open wide
I hope you’ll understand, and you can see and decide

What you are to me is not everything under the sun
And your glance doesn’t chase away all my dreams
It’s not enough to make me abandon what I’ve begun
But it’s more than what I need

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this is magnificent.. greater than dido and nick cave and lou reed paying a collaborate tribute to the bard. guitar arrangement is gorgeous

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I don't think the big chorus is too much at all. On the contrary—as soon as you let your feelings into the delivery, the song stops being emotionally flat and really starts to soar.

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My that is as Cavish as Ive ever heard! brilliantly put together! excellent