Sell You

Sell You

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Liner Notes: 

This is a collaboration with an old bandmate, Rick Ramsey. Its his idea for the chorus, I filled in the verses. The synth solo is the MorphWiz app played on an iPad.


First they get you hypnotized (You’re gonna buy it!)
then they sell your eyes (Buy one get one free!)
unblinking and enthralled
to the world-wide shopping mall

No empty space or time allowed
all you see and hear is endowed
with the Market’s need to advertise
You must be Commercialized!

(Everyone wants to try it, They’re gonna sell you something)
They’re gonna sell you something
You’re gonna buy it
buy one get one free ‘cause
everyone wants to try it
They’re gonna sell you something

Your humanity gets stripped away
You’re known only for where you shop and play
every age from millennial to boomer
they’ve made you a “consumer”

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Great points. Good decision to keep the music sparse so the message comes through.

(OTOH, I look at what people try to sell me online and it's so irrelevant that I wonder how they make any money at all.)

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this sounds like ska without the horms and i like it. what i hate most today are things advertised as free and they wind up to be free samples and it takes forever to stop them from charging you after the free period ends. and then they charge you for the time between your cancellation and their acceptance of your cancellation after you have explained in many exchanges why you are so dissatisfied with their product that you feel you must cancel.and a year later, they charge your for another years subscription, having not removed you from their database of subscribers

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I like the call and response, and the differing vocal style of chorus v. verse. This doesn't really "sound" like Neil Young, but it shares a vibe and feel with "This Note's For You," and would pair with it terrifically in a set. Definitely has a kind of 80s feel too, both in sound and thematically (with its take-down of commercialism, not that that's not a timeless theme for any era!).

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A perfect song for the times. (Hey, why do I keep seeing ads for shoes?! I just bought shoes!) That synth app is pretty cool!

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love the backing vocals, nice concept for the song and it comes through the lyrics well.

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So true - it’s getting that people only know themselves by where they shop and play. I felt a contained rage from this and pictured Iggy Pop strutting about! That hook is an earworm

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"World wide shopping mall"...who could have ever imagined? But it's here. The first line says it all. Good points made. I like the vocal responses and light music.