Killing Floor

Killing Floor

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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to do some dance music, but once I got started, it seemed like I actually wanted to get some blues going on.

I don't rightly know what this is. Could be a new song, could be a cover. Since we're not in October, I guess it must be a new song. Besides, I don't know who exactly I'd be covering.


I should have quit you a long time ago
But you got messing with my mind
And I get so worried to keep you satisfied

I should have quit you babe, Lord don’t I know
But you got me crying, down on this killing floor

I should have listened to my second mind
When I leave you, it sends me the blues all down the line
But I wouldn’t be here doing all this time
Down this slaughter line

I should have quit you such a long time ago
Feed me honey, keep me satisfied
Don’t let me worry, ease my mind
Else I may quit you, and go on to Mexico

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There's some muscular rock feel going on here too, even more (to my ears) than dance or blues. But whatever genre (or genres) this is (four-to-the-floor-dance-blues-rock?), it's foot-stompingly rousing and primal, and an invigorating ballad of searching for independence and dignity. Awesome!

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its not howlin wolf..closer to the zep, which they lifted from electric flag. you do an excellent version which has its own flavor, a little touch of hendric in the guitar vocal call and response.

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ha ha yup sometimes i think -do i know this song! I do see and feel the rock blues of the early 70s in her, like zep! Anyway its a good song!

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A nod to all kinds of awesome, balls-to-the-wall rock, but still totally your own. That's some major riffing!