My One And Lonely

My One And Lonely

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Liner Notes: 

The backsliders have a song with a couple of lines "You were my only one, Now I'm your lonely one" or something similar. I woke up this morning with the line "my one and lonely" and I went with it. Now that I google I see that I'm not the first with that title, but that's okay. And I ended up stealing that first line from the backsliders because I was stuck for too long.

Acoustic demo for now.
Acoustic guitar: Yairi DY-46
Recording: Roland R-05 handheld recorder


You were my only one
But I hate what we have become
Somehow we could never agree
Through all the things you've done
You always say you did it for fun
Do you have to be my one and lonely?

I've been here a time or two
Seems like I'm always fighting with you
I don't know why you can't love me
Even though you say you do
Everybody knows it's not true
You've always been my one and lonely

I know I'm stupid for staying
But I can't seem to leave
The mistakes that I keep making
Seem to be easy to see
But my heart just won't believe
The truth about you

I can't help but love you, dear
But I don't know why I'm still here
Why won't you cut my heart free?
When I think I'm free and clear
You somehow convince me you are sincere
You'll always be my one and lonely

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Such a heartfelt emotional feel that conveys the essence of lost love loneliness so perfectly. The pacing and delivery of music and vocals is perfect. I really like the insight in the 3rd stanza. Well done!

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That sad sorry tone in the vocal and stylized country ballad guitar speaks of the starcrossed love held on to for dear life. Enjoyed my listen.

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The guitar on this is like butter. Fits perfectly with the vocals and oh man, recorded on a handheld? The balance of tone you got is stunning.

There's a lot of complexity in the lyrics, too; they dodge around sentimentality, but there's clearly a lot more going on that we're not privy to and there's more than a hint of darkness, too. End result: a song that goes in and sticks, and which leaves me thinking about it long after it's finished.

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Genius title! Just genius! I love these types of songs. Just you and your guitar. It lets the true merit of the song shine through without any bells and whistles. And boy does this have merit. You had me with the opening guitar fingerpicking. Universally relatable lyrics - we’ve all been here! Heart break and country go together like butter and milk. Bravo

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I like the raw, stripped-down sound; it does a great job (along with your heartfelt vocals) of conveying the emotion of the song. Touching and sweet and sad, this has a fundamental truth do it that makes it impossible to stop listening!

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Great title and very gently served up this pretty sad song! Nice guitar!

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Ah, so sad, but well done! Vocals are spot on. Very clever!

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This is heartbreaking but beautiful. I think the gentle touch on the guitar and your delivery of your vocals make the song even more beautiful and though I think that also adds a little to the sadness it elevates to something more. The line "my one and lonely" is a very emotional concept. Really nice work on this song!