The Cold Wind Blew

The Cold Wind Blew

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The Cold Wind Blew


Liner Notes: 

Lyrics by coolparadiso. Music and vocals by me. This came about as part of the "random collaborations" thread.
The music was recorded on virtual instruments on Mixcraft 8. All the instruments were programmed via using my computer's keyboard as a MIDI controller, with the exception of the flute solo where I used my Yamaha piano. I recorded the vocals on nTrack using my Android phone.


I waited in the grey cold city
Feeling kinda stuck
Trying to break out
Trying to ride my luck

But around me nothing changed
Days turned into years
All my dreams and hopes
Became my darkest fears

And then the cold wind blew
And then the cold wind blew
And then the cold wind blew

I kept my toe in the wall
Holding back more than time
The goals however seemed distant
It was a mountain i had to climb

The only way to make things right
Was to build my own place
Where my friends surround me
Give me my own space

still the cold wind blew
still the cold wind blew
still the cold wind blew


still the cold wind blew
still the cold wind blew
still the cold wind blew

I kept my eyes, i saw the lies
I know i must move on
But my mind is still tightly stuck
Like silastic silicon

One day yes one day
Ill find another place
And then my smile will return
Adorn my hardened face

then the cold wind blows
then the cold wind blows
then the cold wind blows

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love the way edward interprets and expresses johns lyrics. brings out the best in both of them. excellent collab and a truly enjoyable listening experience. evidence of johns brilliant ability to create character as we experience edwards incarnation of one of them

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really good music mate! really liked what you did with this!

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Moody and emotional, the understated synth & synth drum music track captures the "cold wind" and sense of static isolation of the lyrics. And yet the flute, even if synth based too, to me lends a human touch, and so a touch of hope as well. Your vocals as well feel very human among all the robotic perfection of the music. Hypnotic!

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Real nice collab here. Good, complimentary meshing of lyrics, music and vox.

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Very, very nice guys. I don't know how coolparadiso keeps so prolific what with his own recording PLUS churning out these terrific lyrics.

Beautiful arrangement and very nice vocal!

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Love this collab. I love some of the turns of phrase… like toe in the wall and silastic silicon. The music is a good pairing… that koto synth sound is a nice touch. It would be easy to over arrange something like this, but the music is clean… not too busy. Good work.

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I have listened to this selection a dozen times and each time, I hear something new in the music that I like. There are so many layers. Those lyrics are fabulous, and Edward, your singing is spot on. I am glad you updated your bio to include singing.