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Liner Notes: 

Hi, So i made this song and recorded it on my phone simply. It is only an acoustic version.


The cold cold winter is gone
I feel my heart warm after so long
I feel so happy when i'm on my own
so im singing this song

The weathers outside is changing
The leaves are finally gonna be green
My frozen heart , its melting
Im finally free

now i dont need a reason
to be happy
no dont ask me for answers
cause i have none

There's just something about you
that makes me smile
i talk with myself in the mirror
im crazy all right haha

seek the answer within
I get so happy when
i see the flowers smiling bck at me

I was too close to breaking
was hanging over the edge
I've learned to accept and let go
realizing my mistakes

The sky seems so much brighter
The birds are singing their song
My heart feels so much lighter
I feel so free

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Really nice, joy comes shining through, lovely write and beautifully delivered, you have certainly mastered how to get a good sound recorded onto a mobile phone, great job.

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So good. Happy and positive and uplifting, and beautifully performed.

But—"Only" an acoustic version? Don't knock it; this is very well done! Voice and guitar is all that the song needs, and I'd argue that a bigger production wouldn't work anywhere near as well. The guitar lets your voice shine. And anyway, as it says just above these words, "Please focus on the song and not the demo." It's a great song.

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Oh yeah, another great performance. The wonders of modern tech - you can get something this good recorded on a phone. Contrast that to "phone recordings" from a decade or so ago… Keep up the awesome work!

See You In The Shadows…

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This is an excellent demo! That melody is right pleasing to my ear; love your delivery. I like the upbeat attitude within the lyrics. Very nice to hear this in the early AM.

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The phone recording is perfect. So is your voice and vocal delivery. Guitar playing is so good too. Well done all around. A+++

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Great song! and really well put together. I really like this as "just acoustic" I think some percussion can really never hurt anything, but this is one I don't think you'd want to do too much too. I've heard enough of your guitar playing by now too I would of recognized just the guitar line alone I think Wink and excellent vocal as always! The joy was infectious.

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AHH I just love this. It's so uplifting and your voice is just gorgeous! It sounds like a great recording despite being on your phone. I like simple and acoustic so wouldn't want you to change it too much! I'm watchlisting you!!

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Love a very happy, positive feel in your song. Beautiful singing, playing and demo. Very impressive to create a demo using your phone. It sounds wonderful. Your song gives such a fresh and warm feeling while listening. I see a gorgeous scene of the ray of sunshine, blue sky and a girl beeing truly happy.