Sexy Goose

Sexy Goose

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Sexy Goose, I am thinking, is most likely the older, more musical brother of Untitled Goose (of "Untitled Goose Game" fame.)

This sounds like the chiptune version of Brian Eno's "Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now" album, and that is a Good Thing. Great fun, Hugely enjoyable.

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This particular piece reminds me a little of the interlude on the Around the World In A Day album that happens just before Condition of the Heart starts. Another great production.

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Evocative title, and the abstract oddness of the bits and pieces of music floating around through my headphones creates a very interesting funhouse world. It successfully creates its own hermetically sealed universe, and, like all such idiosyncratic visions, is pretty darn cool!

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I myself am not sexually attracted to livestock, but to each his own, I suppose.
As @headfirstonly has said, this is slightly reminiscent of something Brian Eno might come up with.
Another intriguing and interesting instrumental here.