Don't Know What You Are

Don't Know What You Are

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Don't Know What You Are (50/90 collab with @Dragondreams)


Liner Notes: 

Backing track/mix by @Dragondreams, lyrics/vocals/melody by @Amanda Rose Riley

Amanda: I decided to record this vocal to @Dragondreams's punky track because I really liked it and wanted more experience writing in this genre. There isn't much more of a story since I just sort of improvised what sounded good for a melody and then spent some time crafting lyrics to that melody, but I like what I came up with.

DD sez: I threw this bed track open for multiple collabs because we can! I love what Amanda has brought to this one.

@ductapeguy did a different version of this with me, and you can hear that here:


Caught in your web
I hope for something better
A spring in your step
My torment doesn't matter
Love and praise and we face the world together
Pain and spite and you make my life a living hell
Time and time again

Every time it falls apart
We fall into these broken hearts
And every time I don't know what you are

And now I'm the one leaving you broken hearted
You thought we were done, we were just getting started
Let in, let go, we never got much farther
Every time we change our minds and go
It won't tear us apart

Now I sit alone, you could be anywhere now
Now it feels like home
Because I can live without the hugs and kisses
Giving way to sounds of screaming, fighting
The bottom line is that I don't want you around

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billwhite51's picture

God this is good. Ive often imagined how you would sound with a band, because i hear more talent in you than almost everyone on todays charts. But the girk with a guitar limitations seemed to hold you back from the fulfillment of what you are capable of. But I hear it here, and truly encourage you to keep it up, to never stop.There is no limit to what you will accomplish.

fresh spotless youth's picture

This is some slick punk pop. Those vocal lines are super catchy. I love the way the atmospheric instrumental break leads back to that crisp, driving part. Really great dynamics here, too. I'm going to do the robot in my living room Smile

coolparadiso's picture

Really good, yup top class with a band behind you! Great collab!

Gm7's picture

Cool. well structured with well timed stops and great dynamics and that solid vocal! .wonderful collab.

ductapeguy's picture

Whoa. This is a great break up song. You took it in a great direction Amanda.

cts's picture

When great talents come together and produce cool demos like this makes me so glad that I discovered the FAWM community so many years ago. Cool stops. Great lyrics. Hot track. It all works so well here.

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Um, wow. This is a really great song! Amanda, it's nice to hear you sing over a full track like this. It really highlights your voice and you sound great here. Dragondreams, this is a really cool instrumental! The guitars, drums and production are very cool. This is a really great collab, well done both of you!

standup's picture

Very slick production, great sound a d a strong vocal performance. I like the picture of tormented relationship and the aftermath.

Jerry Pettit's picture

You improvised the vocal?!! You should start doing "rap battles". There's no way I could do that--I'd be into "Moon/June/Cartoon" territory in no time.

This IS a great music bed for you to riff over. You should find more of them--you really know how to deliver!

Amanda West's picture

What a collab ! Love the result.
I think Amanda really picked up on your sounds DD, and used them to accentuate her words and melody.

writeandwrong's picture

Oh, this is FABULOUS!! Love, love, love this collaboration... The vocals and lyrics meld together so well, driving the dripping emotional frustration that slips into the thumping banana peel bass! Kudos to both of you!! Would love to hear more of the two of you together!!!

Gm7's picture

Great job guys... Great vocals Amanda!

JamKar's picture

Fantastic collab! Sometimes goodness finds it’s own song. Paul driving the rhythm, and Amanda sounding the warning. Yes!