Sending 50 Songs In 90 Days Into Space

Sending 50 Songs In 90 Days Into Space

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Liner Notes: 

This is a morph I started and am now finishing with these other contributors and their 50 percent changes to the preceeding song along the way by these fellow songwriters in order following my meta seed song:

(Music) Morph 1
1. Seed song @AndyGetch *47208
2. @kahlo *47620
3. @wacha *48073
4. @nate.gerry *48177
5. @dzd *48193

I was pleasantly surprised to see the meta title survive the four 50% changes. I confess that I accidentally listened to the soong @kahlo follwed mine with, so when I received the preceeding morph song from @dzd I intentionally did something different musically. From the song by @dzd, I feel like I changed about 50 percent of the lyrics. Music changes I aimed for half. I kept the space theme and my own version of with guitar/vocal echo/spacey effects. I did keep the sort of key of G and tried to use similar powerchords and sortof kept the one weird chord that became the inspiration for the open D11 tuning on the resonator. I added spacey MIDI synths long with a MIDI organ and strings. Nine tracks in Garageband. Pushing the envelope for the love of the morph.


remove chords
Sending 50 Songs In 90 Days Into Space
Open D11 tuning DGCF#AE

So much to sing
So much to say
Fusions of elemental things
Into stars radiation

Thoughts explode
Chorus on overload
Will 50 songs be too much, maybe
I don't know, possibly, almost

Sending 50 songs in 90 days into space
Sending 50 songs in 90 days into space
Sending 50 songs in 90 days into space

Streaks of light
Orbits might not rhyme
Waking nights
Chasing infinite time

Inspiration explodes
Reverberates through the cosmos
Will 50 songs be enough, maybe
I don't know, possibly, almost

Repeat chorus 1

Will anyone remember
Any songs we sang
Will the memories flee
The Milky Way

Repeat Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Sending 50 songs in 90 days
50 songs in 90 days
50 songs in 90 days
into space

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The idea of these morphs are so cool. I like the idea of this. And the chords of course :).

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Oh I love this! That is a really great tuning, one I'll have to try myself if I haven't stumbled onto it accidentally already before Biggrin

I love the vox effect(both parts) really matched your delivery well, that's harder to do than some might think....It doesn't sound intrusive or abrasive, and words are still clear, great job! and some really great MIDI sounds too, one in particular that really drew my ear, sounded like the spacetime continuim ripping Biggrin

Great stuff!

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This is fabulous! I love how this morphed! What a perfect way to end this morph series - well done! I love the layers sound that help the lyrics lift off. Great vocals too! Brilliant finish!

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So this track here is then the blending of element changes from the others - am I understanding that correctly? Anyway, - complex. And, it is an interesting result. These experimentation's are really great to do. There were a few there. I'm glad to see this one got done/completed.

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the twists and turns this one takes... 'sgt-peppers-esque'? whatever it is, it's interesting to hear as it goes through its phases...

'send those songs into space!'

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It's so great to see the journey this song took. I think you did a really nice job taking the previous song and changing it up some so the there is a link but you have your own song. This has been a wonderful morph from start to finish!

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This one sent me scrambling to find my headphones. It's so big and dreamy. I love the way the picked guitars serves as a sharp counterpoint to the overall atmospherics. The chant of "Sending 50..." is pretty hypnotic. I say, send all new songs into space. We already have enough songs to last a lifetime

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This is so cool! This is my first 50/90, so I wasn't sure what the morph or skirmishes were. Are there rules in changing, or do you take creative control with each morph? How fun!!