My Black Betty, Best [feat: Anaezia from Nepal]

My Black Betty, Best [feat: Anaezia from Nepal]

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Compelling lyrics and music, both with plenty of drive and momentum. Both contributors really brought out the best in each other. An immersive song, toothsome and rich in flavour.

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well that's a good lyric and interesting to hear a different vocal! very nice

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finally solved the mystery of this song. it has nothing do with the the slave song lomax discovered black betty,nor is it included in lomaxs volume of cowboy songs and frontier ballads but id. it is an ancient ballad titled Black Bess; or, the knight of the road: a tale of the good old times/ ...the refrain, which goes "my black betty best" must have led to the confusion

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This is fantastic story telling! I really LOVE the images in the lyrics, how the story evolves with enough ambiguity to keep the listener intrigued and engaged, and the strong phrases throughout. The groove is great and the vocals are superb. Link worked fine.

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Well bam-a-lam...this is a great version! I've heard Anaezia sing on another song this season and I AM A BIG FAN! What a great voice!

Love that driving lick! Great job!!

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Jerry beat me to it! I was just gonna say Bam-A-Lam!!!!

Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd love to hear a bam-a-lam getting harmonized in.........but its there if you've ever heard that song already Biggrin doesn't need it I was humming it along LOL, You outdid yourself with the groove on this.

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Wow, this is incredible! I loved watching this one progress, there is a slight blue grass fee to this that make it move at a really nice clip. The delivery of the vocals it perfection, great job to both of you!

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Andd I am grateful to work with you Ustaknow yaay.

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This is a really rich and beautiful song.. pure sonic pleasure! Really enjoyed it! Just love the refrain

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Great take on this, vocals go along well with the story nature of this track.