Cleaning in my underwear

Cleaning in my underwear

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Liner Notes: 

I had to dare myself to post this!! I wrote it in an hour which is fast for me so thought I'd better post seeing as I've not put anything else up yet. Feedback very welcome...
Off to hide now, shocked by my own audacity Smile


I’m cleaning in my underwear
Do you wanna stop and stare ?
I don’t think I’m sexy
Just really really hot
it’s thirty degrees in London
But I’ve got shit to do
Why not turn this tedious task into a strip show just for you...

We could skip off work right now and dive right in the pool
Pretend like we are kids again, breaking all the rules
Make out til it’s sundown like there’s nothing else to do
When the stars come out we’ll count them
I’ll fall in love with you

I’m cleaning in my underwear
And boy I don’t care
I’m done with serious
I'd rather be delirious


We, we’re not used to heat
And we can’t get no sleep
Is only for the dead
We’ll be alive instead
doing anything but in our bed :)

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Even before this heatwave (in my bedroom studio where I am right now, it's 32°C), lockdown meant some of us have been letting ourselves go a bit, sartorially speaking. So this made me smile. "I'm done with serious / I'd rather be delirious" is absolutely bang on. Great fun!

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This is really good. And very topical!

I attend a lot of Zoom calls in my work and suspect a lot of people hastily throw on a shirt just before the calls start.

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you can sing anything. topical and fun but with a message as well. lovely stuff!

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Beautiful song...great lyrics, sweet suntans nice guitar work...Trifecta!!! Nice to your music again.

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Very glad you worked up the courage to share this. It's clever and altogether wonderful.

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Such a lovely structure! I like how sadly playful it is, and the ending was perfect. Also loving the bridge chords

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So charming and sweetly, realistically romantic. I can hear the "singer's" good-natured heat-induced tiredness through the vocal performance, but there is a playfulness as well that makes this a real delight to listen to.

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Hi Serene, nice to hear you again Smile This is brilliant, really great! Melodically strong (particularly the first line of the chorus). Love the way you kick the song off with the title, especially when the title is - as you say - a little risqué! Actually by the end it’s morphed into something really rather sweet. And thank god it’s cooled down a bit after last week!!

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Came across this track on SoundCloud and back traced it to here. Very nice work, you can almost feel the heat and humidity and you have a wonderful voice. Nice job.

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Great song, - yeah, "I'm not skinny, just really really hungry" Smile
- You don't sound like a Brit, so if are, that's pretty good accent. Well, London, it's a big town, probably has a "little usa" section, like "china-town" and all that. And, everyone there speaks american, not english Smile why learn the local language.

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What a fabulous song and I identify with the theme totally and the construction of the melody...the deft rhyming and subtle engaging vocals are what makes this track a fresh and utter delight!

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You have such a beautiful voice. The song is so beautiful too. I feel like your a great story teller that attracts audiences to you. I love it.

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An hour?!
I'm always impressed by people here who make stuff in such short time, whether its skirmishes or otherwise.
I really like songs like this - simple but fun and meaningful lyrics, not a whole lot of words, but just the right amount to tell the story. A bit of melancholy due to the vocal melody - at least that's how it makes this particular listener feel; I like melancholy vocal melodies, and your voice really great, love the tone and texture.
I'm a sucker for soft, pretty guitar, catchy vocal melodies sung both soft voices, and these kinds of lyrics (think I said that already).
Great song.

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The title captured me right away. Some of us can totally relate to this -lol. Great lyrics, and as I have said, I love your voice. Very nice!

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Fabulous. Nothing wrong with painting interior walls in your underwear as well. Really fun to do. Fun song too.

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This is really impressive - it doesn't need fancy production when the song itself and the performance are so solid. Great melody, great words.

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This is a very impressive song, even more so given how quickly you wrote it. There's a great story and imagery in your lyrics. The guitar and your delivery of the lyrics has a sweet tenderness that makes the song feel very honest.

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Love the wonderful feel to this beautifully delivered song. Such great phrasing and so well paced. Such great slice of life lyrics with a wonderful juxtaposition of mundane reality and wistful wishful sensuality. Love your melody and great use of dynamics.

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The title of course drew me right in. Wink Nice tight lyric. Love the direction you went musically, though it was different from what I'd anticipated. Lovely, almost poignant vibe to the music and melody. And such pretty vocals. Good work. Smile