To Lift You Up

To Lift You Up

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy wrote the words as part of the 50/90 Songwriting project, and I was so entranced by the words that I had to set them to music. I hope I did it justice Cindy!

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To Lift You Up
Lyrics © 2021 Cindy Prince
Music © 2021 Ken Mattsson Music

All the ripples you've sent out
With all the notes from your songs
Now come back to support you
To lift you up and make you strong

You've shared your gifts so freely
Without one selfish thought
The rainbow now comes back to you
For all the joy you've brought

We come now to lift you up
To take away some of your pain
The love you've so easily sent out
Will come back again and again
We come now to lift you up

You've made the world much better
By sharing your giving heart
All that are lucky to know you
See your life as a piece of art

Repeat chorus

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So touching and softly and wonderfull! Thank you so much!

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Thank you @cindyrella for letting me set your words to music!

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such honest simplicity in this expression of cindy's beautiful lyric.

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Nice collab, you two. Really nice vocal interpretation of Cindy's always-inspiring lyrics. My first hearing of you, Ken--and I'm very impressed!

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Very sweet and full of warmth. It has an almost hymn-like quality except that E7 just pops. The last line of the chorus especially has that hymn quality. Very uplifting!

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I love your sweetly soulful vocal, and the single-strum uke is just the right accompaniment. And the words are incredible, too - a heartfelt message I needed to hear. Inspired collab!

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What a charming piece. It sounds like something you'd play at the climax a tribute evening where people pack the community hall to show their love and gratitude.

So refreshing to see lyrics that are unashamedly loving and positive, and they are written very well. The vocal delivery is lovely, strong yet tender.

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lovely collab, the heartfelt delivery suits the lyrics beautifully. a sweet, uplifting piece.

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This is a lovely collaboration, the arrangement adds to the beauty of the lyrics. Nice job to both of you!

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I love your voice. Can you come sing me to sleep every night? I'll PM you my address. Smile
That dm in the chorus gave me chills. The good kind!
Love it!

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Beautiful vocals.
The simple and sparse uke (sorry if I've got the wrong instrument) works to put the focus on the voice and the words.
And speaking of the words, they really strike me as a heartfelt and much needed ode to creators who might be feeling like "what's the point?" Encouraging and helps people feel like it matters when they put their creations out into the world.

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Very uplifting song. It could be an introduction to a musical. Or it could also work as a Praise song too.