To Die On This Hill

To Die On This Hill

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Liner Notes: 

Part 3 of 4 for I'll actually end up with a six song set when it's all said and done.

Acoustic: Yairi DY 46
Guitar: Fender Modern Player Telecaster
Bass: Ibanez Gio MiKro 4 string
Drums: Superior Drummer
Vocal mic: Superlux S241
Sound effects:


No need to die upon this hill
No need to pull down all we've built
It's only your word against all of ours
And you've got to know that we hold all the power

No need to die upon this hill
We'll ruin your reputation
We won't stop until
We convince everybody that you lied
I can promise that we will ruin your life

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This really has that "straight out of a film" vibe. The metallic percussion and that descending chord progression really create an air of tension and threat and the vocals are suitably menacing. The abrupt ending really works, too.

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short and sharp, when i hear about tose pointlessly fying on a hil, i think oof korea. but i see you an mean it to represent other futilities as well. and there is a way to overpower the powers that send us to meaningless death,

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Love the descending sequence. For me, it adds to the sense of energy and race-like anticipation.

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Love the riff and the cool vibe of this song. The effects work really. I also really like the concise right lyric and your fantastic delivery. Strong metaphor. Awesome job!

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This one rocks. Tight guitar, angstry vocals, and solid rhythm. The song arc is turning into a saga Smile

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Beautiful! It could've gone a bit longer (maybe 1 more verse?), but it was still awesome as is. Great work!

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yes! i would die on this hill. love the spy theme intro/callbacks and the walkdown verses...this is super solid. guitar sounds great.

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Powerful descending chord progression. Love the rock feeling to this and layers. Awesome vocals!