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Liner Notes: 

I'm not sure what this is. Social media had been depressing me, with it's ability to take good energy and rapidly sour it into passivity. Maybe that's just me. Maybe this is a future robot underclass (that love Stevie Wonder) yearning for agency. On a positive note, I finally managed to work out how to link up my old keyboard to my DAW, saving me from more ukelele.


Why are you so loud/cloud?
Why are you so certain/mountain?
Taking up the space/vapour
With your massive need to share/flare the right way/bright play
Are we all audience now?

Why am I so stuck/muck?
Why am I so joy/noiseless?
Lacking any drive/chime
Or clear vision/prism to move on/hoof long the right way/high clay
Are we all audience now?

How do you do?

You roll your eyes/skies so firmly
You state your limits/emissions firmly
We feel our lack/apples firmly
We lay our truths/give up each each bruise like wreaths at your right way
Are we all audience now?

When will you stop, listen?
Can you even change?
And if there was change would that help me move
And in that moving find another place
Find the right way?

How do I do?

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I get a vague O Superman feel, just from that crazy insistent synth noise. I get Sufjan Stephens in the weird? trippy-uppy? phrasing that is really memorable. Love the theme, which is definitely depressing, vs the beautiful, uplifting ending. All to brief, but then I suppose the point is to leave the audience wanting more. Very accomplished I thought.

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Apart from uke (which is mainly what I've been experimenting with this 50/90), synth is my main instrument, and I quite like the sensitivity and feeling you've wrung out of the electronics here. The lyrics are very interesting too; the dreaminess of the subdued vocals works well, although I confess I wouldn't have minded if they were turned up a bit so I could follow the words easier without reading along!

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Amazing sounds you get out of keyboard and voice - a space/soul delight! And I'm with you on social media.
I'm giving this one a second listen - it's my first song of the morning, and it's so wonderful in headphones.

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Delicious melody and soundscape--those robot sounds are delightful. I've added you to my watchlist--your stuff is really neat!