Dreams Of Own [JULY 21ST SKIRMISH]

Dreams Of Own [JULY 21ST SKIRMISH]

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Liner Notes: 

Wednesday July 21st Skirmish hosted by @Amanda West. The theme was to write a Disco or 70's themed song.

So I turned to Robert Fripp's classification of Discotonics (a sister-genre to the infamous Frippertonics that was to include drums added to the guitar loops & can be heard on some of his solo albums), an idea he first explored in his solo work during the late '70's. I pulled up HG Fortune's wonderful Percumat 2 VSTi in my "Live" Jeskola Buzz setup & got it grooving with a beat I quite enjoyed (at two-thirds of it's initial speed - 75BPM vs. its suggested 120BPM). The next thing I did (inspired by a recent forum topic on tunings, &c…), I tuned my guitar to my so-called "Dropped B" tuning (EADGBB) which I haven't used for quite some time. It was great to get reacquainted with it. Then I found a sweet Flanged/Chorused tone for my Strat, pressed record & had fun. I have to say, I do like some of the riffs that came out of this - especially the one that ended the song. And those two loops were fun to build & play around with.

Thank you to @Amanda West for hosting these Wednesday Skirmishes - they seem to be the only ones that have worked out for me so far. This was lots of fun Biggrin

Gear: Fender Deluxe Stratocaster -> DigiTech Grunge Pedal -> Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface -> Candle's "Live" Jeskola Buzz Setup all controlled by the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller. Plectrum: Grey Jim Dunlop 0.80mm Finns

See You In The Shadows…


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Very nice sounds you created here. Enjoyable to listen to. Great take on the skirmish theme.

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I like the out-there direction you took with the prompt. Definitely hear the Frippishness in your piece. I like the way that the time gets turned around sort of on itself but then comes back together.

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I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get to hear an actual @Candle disco song, but I do love a loophole. Pretty sure my drunk wife won't be kicking her shoes off at 11PM for this, but I dig it.

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"So I turned to Robert Fripp's classification of Discotronics..."
Hahaha leave it to you to immediately make the jump from the "Disco" prompt to Robert Fripp!
Yeah, that flanged sound is pretty sweet.
That's a great riff at about 6:10 on.
Great work once again!

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Very cool piece of music hear and a creative take on the prompt. I like how the drums reel like they keep the guitar grounded. There is a surreal feeling that I like a lot, really nice skirmish!

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There is a danceable groove in this, I don't know if its for the jumpsuited disco crowd, but i really dig it! More like that picture, can totally see her dancing wildly away to this

That is an excellent flange, and I like the drums in the back just echoing away

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Nice one, the flanger really takes center stage here, liked the ending as well.