Like A Dream

Like A Dream

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The Mortal Taint - Like A Dream

Liner Notes: 

Three weeks into the Sydney lockdown, all the days start to blend together and the day-dreaming starts to kick in.


These moments fragment in my mind
They slip away like a dream
And each day fades into the past
And nothing real seems to last

And this life seems like a dream
Where memories fade and fall apart
And everything real that once made sense
Feels like it was uncertain from the start

And I just want to sleep
Retreat into a dream
Cos nothing feels quite as real
As what I dream in my mind

And it all feels like a dream
I'm never awake these days, it seems

My memories fragment in my mind
I wonder, was anything real?
If the places I went and the people I met
Only exist in the photos I kept

Cos the past now seems like a dream
As reality fades and falls apart
And my whole world exists within these four walls
As I wait for a new world to start

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Great tune....lockdown is tough. I love the video