Oh, I Lost My S, or She to a He

Oh, I Lost My S, or She to a He

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A She to a He, or How I Lost My S

Liner Notes: 

Thanks to Amanda Rose Riley for posting the questions. My question to ponder was “ if you swapped genders for a day, how would you spend it?”
Well, I am almost 70, men and women sometimes seem genderless, we are all trying to get along. here is my reply.


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Oh, I Lost my "S"

a she to a he overnight.
i was a woman when i said good night
my husband woke up dazed and confused,
he was most definitely, not a mused.

oh me, oh my, oh me, oh my
i dont know how, i dont know why
but today i woke up, minus my “S"
guess i'll just have to see what comes next.

we wont have a gender reveal party
the chances of that happening, are very slim
i dont want to start any wild fires
i dont need to climb out there on that limb.

instead, i might go to the mall,
or an airport that should be the best call.
theres no queue at the loo when youre a he
there's always a lineup round the walls when youre a she


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Nice little folk tune, cool. And I wouldn't have expected it to be that easy to turn that question into a folk song! Love the gender reveal wildfire verse.

Nice one - very clever, i saw you got this and wondered what you would do! very well done

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You’re a clever lyricist, Linda. I think you’re wildly creative. Love the mandolin!

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Well sung, written, and performed. Cool how you took the prompt and really made it interesting.

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Lovely, really love everything, the concept, the lyrics are very funny, and well performed

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Well you're brave, gender's the sort of subject most well meaning straight people wouldn't dare go near, whatever you said would be wrong these days.
This was tuneful, entertaining and charming.
Allow me as a male to say the queues might be less at the Mens, but the toilets will be in a far less agreeable state.

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I love your response to the challenge!! This has such a great melody! Some wonderful lines - and although you “husband wasn’t amused” I definitely am. This is just delightful!! I also can relate to your liner notes!