Criminal of Love

Criminal of Love

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Liner Notes: 

The question I got was “have you ever been pulled over by a cop?” With the challenge of writing about what happened. Well, I have never been pulled over… so this is what I wrote about instead.



Criminal of Love

she has never
been stooped by police
she has never
been arrested

she has never
broken any laws
at least none she
would confess to

but she has stolen glances
and she has destroyed love
yeah she has killed romances
and forged who she was

she has broken many hearts…

she is a criminal…
a criminals of love

she has never
been thrown into jail
she has never
been handcuffed

she has never
been on probation
and has never gone
before a judge

but she has robbed feelings
and she has buried dreams
yeah she has ambushed lovers
with illicit schemes

oh she has vandalized me…

she is a criminal…
a criminals of love

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Great way to handle the question when you don't have a story to tell for it, and cool idea for a song, to juxtapose someone who's so innocent on paper but breaking hearts in their personal life. It's a very enticing lyric, I could see it being a sexy, sultry song (kind of like Black Velvet) for some reason -- not the kind of thing I have the talent for, but I'd love to hear it if someone else takes it on!

Side note: I feel like I am a pretty safe driver but I've been pulled over a few times (for stuff like going slightly over the speed limit, accidentally driving with dimmed lights, or making a U-turn when I got lost). I guess it could be because I come from a low-crime town that's known for having too many cops for its own good. I don't think I know anyone from around here who has never been pulled over.

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Pretty to freakin' clever on this one, Liz. Impressive how you constructed this tune from an experience unfamiliar to you. I totally dig it. I agree with Amanda in that this does have a rather sultry, sexy vibe to it. But at the same time I'm getting a bit of an odd backstory, too. A bit difficult to explain, but I'm enjoying the read on this one.

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This works very well, C2 is terrific. Well done, I hope it gets put to music, should be a really good song.

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You've never gotten a speeding ticket? How is that even possible??? You have really amazed me. Great job with the question. Maybe you haven't been pulled over, but someone has been a little criminal anyway. She is definitely a heartbreaker.

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I think because I just listened to an amazing 80s tune on here, I can totally hear this with some big synths and stabby bass with reverby drums. Also, I can hear this being sung by Rick Astley.
I feel like we all know at least a couple criminals of love like you describe.
Great take on the challenge.