Waterfalls & Euphorisms

Waterfalls & Euphorisms

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A Em
some have it heavy and some have it light
some travel deep into sweetest delights
some jabber the walkie
some talkie in bars
Fmaj7 G7(b5)
some come over, some overcome
C C/Bb
some read the news some overuse
some say life is fusing
all possible muses

solo: A/Em

well enough, a clank of iron
a sympathetic attitude
stop looking for gurus
dance ahead of time
obscene and vulgar
against the piano
we see everything
in waterfalls and euphorisms/euphemisms


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Such a playful lyric, exquisitly delivered. Walkie.talkie, some come over, some overcome. Really enjoyed my listen.

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Huge fun. Love the guitar, love the lyrics ("stop looking for gurus" is sound advice.) Love the laconic delivery.

top fun lyrics love "some jabber the walkie some talkie in bars" very interesting and entertaining!

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awash in wordplay and surprise chord changes, bootstrapped in the em-a root (and that solo was terrific),,,,this song was fun to the ears and mind. i was particularly fond of the "some come over, some overcome" bit. you have been fairy quiet so far, so i relish what i can get.