Gracie Toes

Gracie Toes

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Liner Notes: 

I've been struggling this year with writing. This was just something to do something. I called it Gracie Toes because my cat, Grace O'Malley insisted on sitting on my computer desk and showing me her toes throughout the entire process.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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There's definitely a feline feeling here - it's both graceful and quite playful! Nice structure with the busier middle bit, and I really like the twiddly high bits and the contrast with the bass line especially in the middle!

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Yes, the piece certainly conjours up a vision of a cat tip-toeing over the keys. A nice listen.

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Can't think of a more wholesome story behind a song lol That made me laugh.
I like the shift in this.
I get feelings of some kind of conflict in the mid part and somewhat of a resolution in the last section - but not necessarily the resolution that those involved particularly wanted...but a resolution all the same. (hard for me to comment on piano pieces without going into my feelings lol)
Great composition.

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yeak lots of worse reasons for a title! Nice piece of music! perhaps it has reflected the cat!

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This piece develops well. I particularly like the second and third sections and the way you bring things back for the final few seconds. The right hand parts are very well constructed. Nicely played.

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Very, very nice. I can see why your cat curled up nearby--clearly a music aficionado!

Enjoyed very much!

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I think you should write a song with lyrics with the same title!
Lovely and introspective. My left hand piano skills are not what they used to be, so I admire what you have going on here with both hands.