won't go back

won't go back

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Liner Notes: 

Little attempt at the week 2 challenge. I think it's maybe a prequel to "close the gates" - not sure yet. Demo's a little rough because my fingers didn't feel like cooperating with the rhythm of the song at some points, but hopefully you get the general idea : )


I don't know [repeated several times]
How much time I have left to grow
I'm just trying to get as far from eighteen as I can
That year ain't gonna let me go without leaving fingerprints
In the quiet moments, I still find
That static in my mind
And the craziest part is, nothing really happened
I guess the whole world's in our heads, isn't it?

So I'll keep on walking and I won't look back,
When it comes for me, no, I won't go back

Oh I
Don't know why I was doing time
But I pled guilty all the same
Then I locked the door behind me and I left it closed
One day it opened and
I guess I saw my chance
Ended the sentence with a semicolon; walked away
That door might still be open out there; but I just don't know

So I'll keep on walking and I won't look back,
When it comes for me, no, I won't go back

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Interesting...this is the 2nd song I've come across this morning that has theme of doors opening and closing; moving on from a current situation and into the uncharted areas of something else. I tried to access the file but I got an error reading. Tried 2x actually. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Let me know if there's a fix and I'll be back for a listen.

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Huh, that's odd - seems to be working on my end, albeit a little slow to load. I'll let you know if I get it figured out - thanks for the heads up!

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Great rhythmic feel to the song and I can see how this lyrically is a prequel of sorts to Close The Gates. Lovely vocal melody for sure!

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A really fine song. I have more to say about your work in general and have added it to your soundboard.

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Love this. So many great lines. The "I guess the whole world's in our heads, isn't it?" is so true, particularly for introverts, And as for some years never letting you go—absolutely. Some years are like that. Even though my collection has mounted up a fair bit, there are some that have left far more than fingerprints (that is such a perfectly crafted line.)

But you have no idea how much glee I have taken from the multiple semicolon gags in this. They tickle my funny bone far too powerfully for it to be either normal or healthy.

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I quite enjoy your songwriting. You do a wonderful job lyrically and vocally. Such a way with words...