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Liner Notes: 

I came across @Sunfire's lyric early on during 50/90. I had some ideas working but studio set up issues and work load rather side-lined me for a bit. However, all is progressing well and so here we are. My goal with this song was to create the feeling of looking into a kaleidoscope. The sparse sound is to provide room for processing the questions posed in the lyrics. I used the cloud drum instrument as the constant throughout the song. It's a reminder of hope, determination and a sense of clarity.


Lyrics: Sunfire
Music/Vocals: CTS

What is the Shape of our Future?

What is the shape of our future
Could it be tribes in a cube
Who listen to like minded voices
When they watch what they watch on the tube

What is the shape of our future
Will we fly high like a kite
Embracing our different visions
Working together to make things right

It's anyone's guess
What will come next
The future remains unknown

What is the shape of our future
Could it be an octagon
Would we stop when we see the traffic
Or will we barrel through and go on

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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What a wonderfully inventive, creative, and catchy setting for this very interesting lyric. Great job all around (I had commented on the lyrics separately) and I love the musical arrangement here

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this is the kind of track we hope for when we see the tag experimental. it is inventive, imaginitive, and adventurous without falling off the wall. the sounds blend harmoniously but without harmonic limitations. it reminds me of some of the things prince was going for in around the world in a day, but you take it further into the realm of neo-psychedelia. there is so much happening here that it took a second listen to take it all in..still, im sure there is more to discover.

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Love experimental! But, please, let’s not be put into boxes, told what to think. Too much of that already. Too much social media. Tracking. Thought-provoking lyrics. Hats off to you!

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Very cool, aurally, lyrically, musically. The choices offered are momentous, it's short sharp and makes you think. .Great job!

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I am really digging this! Lots of fun with triplets, both vocally and with the arrangement. And the delay on the vocals is a brilliant touch, adding so much to the end result. Great collab, folks!

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The minimalism is super effective.
Great vocal delivery adding some humanity to the machine-like music.
Lovely headphone mix; those vocal echoes are nice.
Really great work here.

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Wow! love this. Nice collab. You really took it to the next level.

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This is such a great collab and certainly hits the sweet spot between experimental and accessible making it unique and engaging...

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Great collaboration. Nice and different lyrical takes on the week1 challenge. Fun experimental music. Musically, I absolutely loved the last little bit at the very end.

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Really cool! the echo/delay on the vox is very effective letting the questions trail off. Excellent lyric and very cool take on the shapes challenge. Reminds me a bit, just in the overall feel of it of one of my favorite bands that have come out in "recent" years post 2000 really. TV On The Radio. They did a lot of really cool things with vocals and blending of styles. Sounds great! and really enjoyed this. It's short, but lasting.

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yup experimental and interesting. love the kaleidoscope idea. great sounds , very cool. backed on a good lyric as well

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so many cool shapes in the lyrics and so many cool shapes in the music. I hear the kaleidoscope and I see the kaleidoscope. ima go listen again i like it so much.

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Really good listen Different and engaging with strong lyrics that have been very originally set to the music.

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Ah, this is refreshing. Totally chilled out with some really well chosen sounds. Fantastic atmosphere that suits the lyric well. I completely dig this.

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Very creative, experimental and interesting song to listen to. Cool collaboration. It has hypnotic qualities. Your song takes the listener to the world of the unknown and the anticipation of something new. Beautiful lyrics, singing, playing and demo. Your song could be keeping looping. It's just wonderful to listen to.

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Nice wordplay in the lyrics (shape => cube, octagon) and also the reverb effects are very cool, and all the background vocal snippets. Great!

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This has a great feel for these lyrics.
Really liking the sparseness of the drums and the fx on them and your vox; I'm a sucker for delays and echo.
Chill but anxious synth bed, works so well with the subject matter.
Also really digging your vocal melodies here.
This sounds excellent, man.
Oh just saw this was a collab - Sunfire's lyrics are always great and I can usually hear music for them in my head. This was a perfect team-up putting their lyrics to exactly the music they needed, in my opinion. Reflective and anxious and a bit of hope in there, too.

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I can only echo [echo] [echo] what others have said. Smile Wonderfully creative musical/vocal interpretation of Carl's thought-provoking lyric. Always a pleasure to hear you sharing your magic, Craig. Smile