The Ghostly Bell Keeps Ringing

The Ghostly Bell Keeps Ringing

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Improv 719: The Ghostly Bell Keeps Ringing (Roland digital piano and Rakumi tongue drum)

Liner Notes: 

It's always annoying when the ghostly bell keeps ringing, and you can't tell where it is or what ancestral curse it may be portending, and you accidentally end up possessed by the spirit of a long-dead mariner, and before you know it, you're struggling to regain control of your body as the unholy creature inside you attempts necromancy in an abandoned graveyard at midnight on the winter solstice.

The instruments used in this piece are a digital piano and a tongue drum. The tongue drum is sometimes almost audible.

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This was truly mesmerising and beautiful. You played so well, the piano riff was inspired and moving, and there was enough of a progression that I didn't get bored. The drum could've been louder, but that's my only critique.

This was fantastic. Well done!

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Thank you. The drum was definitely too quiet; I think I probably should have turned down the volume on the piano. Next time!

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Laughing at the deadpan liner notes. I mean, don't we all have days where you just can't get anything done with all the necromancy going on?

The fact that you were not only playing both instruments at the same time but also managing to play the melody part on the piano while holding the mallet for the drum may have broken my mind.

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