Forgotten Gods

Forgotten Gods

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Liner Notes: 

After reading about the unearthing of sarcophaguses in Egypt I started wondering what happened to all those gods the ancients worshipped. The modern scientists are gleefully desecrating tombs as if the contracts those people made with their gods to get a favorable after-life are somehow expired.

So where did those old gods go? And are our new gods any better?

This lyric could use some kind of angst-y rock. It could also use a chorus. Alas, I'm a bit old for the angst.


So many people shun religion or just can’t be bothered
To put down their phones, to leave their homes, to care about the other
Oh, has my God gone out of style or just out of season?
Goodness knows he’s not replaced by sanity or reason.

What happens to a god that’s no longer allowed in church?
When you jilt him at the altar and leave him in the lurch?
Will you court the Trickster who promises a good time
Or maybe an old sleepy Titan no longer in his prime?

What happens to forgotten gods when followers lose their passion?
Do they die a lonely death or don a new mask to keep in fashion?
Is our relation to the gods really one of servant and master,
Or are they borne out of our fevered minds, a kind of mental bastard?

History is a bloody mess of wars for ideals and gods unseen.
But really its just we won’t share toys that make the fights so mean.
The gods have never fought like us despite what legends tell us.
They have a tolerant inclusive view, its only Man who is jealous.

No self-respecting god I know would bother with these naked apes
Squandering all that they’ve been given and pretending they are great.
If i were them I’d move along to other stars and planets
To start afresh, a new game or at least get the room to plan it.

Because this crowded dirty ball is headed for a giant wreck
as mass extinction and climate change make way for spiders and insects.
Will future wars be lost or won trying to solve the great debate,
to settle the age old question; does god have six legs or eight?

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Many great questions in this and ones I have asked myself. It is indeed us that cause the problems a wars, not any gods. I've always thought it wasn't us that were made in God's image, but God made in our image, or so we think. Anyhow, I really like this!

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Thanks, I have enjoyed several of your contributions. I don't remember if I've commented on them, but I have listened. Keep up the good writing.

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may i recommend Neil Gaiman's novel. American Gods? it is a thought provoking tale of the old gods struggling to survive in a world in which nobody believes in them any more, while a new breed of gods rises. your lyric is an intelligent take on the same theme.

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Thanks for the referral. I am not familiar with Neil Gaiman. So I'll see if I can find it!
And thanks for the comment.

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Excellent writing. We need more questioning and depth today in age that is certainly lacking in spiritualism. This was a breath of fresh air to read.

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Nodding at so much of this. Ideas and things to ponder coming thick and fast, to be taken on many levels (with the use of gods as methods of enforcing social order lurking, unseen, behind the curtain...)

And it's a brilliant question. You probably won't be surprised to learn that it's one that has been asked before. It's the seed of the idea driving Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" which is well worth a read (the TV series, with Ian McShane having a whale of a time chewing the scenery in every scene he's in, diverges from the book and has had some rather unsavoury production issues, but it's still worth a watch.)

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Thanks for reading "Forgotten Gods" and for turning me on to Neil Gaiman. I'll definitely give him a read.

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This is a good write. Some excellent observations.
One thought that struck me as I read it is that the gods often evolve and borrow from earlier gods and beliefs. For example, the Romans borrowing from Greek god mythology, and the early Christians borrowing from pagan traditions. That could make for an interesting topic to explore as well