A Sphere is a Shape

A Sphere is a Shape

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Liner Notes: 

This started coming into my brain when I first read the week 1 challenge. I had some time to create today so here it is. It is in response to having people say "boy are they in shape" in my hearing. I'm in shape too...just not the same type. All in good fun! Another challenge met and another song on the board! Hope you sing along!

Strangely I'm feeling like fixing popcorn for supper tonight...


The opening to my poporn bowl is round
The shape of those popped kernals is quite compound
The chunk of butter melted was nearly a cube
Discussing the shape of my waistline is simply rude

I learned when I was younger that a sphere is a shape
A sphere is a shape – A sphere is a shape
I learned when I was younger that a sphere is a shape
And that is the shape I am in

You buff beach goer can draw a crowd
Your muscles form a six-pack makes you quite proud
Yet that is not what comes to my mind I fear
The six-pack I prefer is a fine dark beer


In truth I’m not a sphere but in a bikini I’d fail
Though I hope those not in shape don’t despair
Health is more complex than the number on the scale
Whether you’re shaped like an apple or a pear


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I love this and a sphere is a shape! Delightful fun song!

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this would be a terrific song to teach school children that all bodies are different and all are equally beautiful.

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Lovely proportional song. Seriously considering getting an apple or pear. Cheerio.