50 Songs in 90 Days(Infinite Big Bangs and Boltzman Brains)

50 Songs in 90 Days(Infinite Big Bangs and Boltzman Brains)

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Liner Notes: 

This is the MORPH 1 chain found at http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/morph-music-or-lyrics-only-challenge.

(Music) Morph 1
1. Seed song @AndyGetch *47208 [*47208]
2. @kahlo [*47620]
3. @wacha [*48073]
4. @nate.gerry[*48177]
5. @dzd
6. @AndyGetch

I'm pretty sure I changed a bit more than 50%, but hey.......

I had to stop here, but it finally jump started a song I've wanted to write since I read maybe a little too much about quantum tunneling and the Boltzman thought experiments a few weeks ago while having a bit of insomnia. Mostly a recycled "chord" progression, but as always it's nice to be able to rip yourself off!

I'll finish the other one in the next couple of weeks hopefully after trying to decipher 4-5 pages of scribbles, and call it morph squared or something Wink


So much to sing
So much to say
A captured still life
A moment of a single day

Thoughts explode
Can't comprehend the cosmos
Will 50 songs be enough, maybe
I don't know, possibly, almost

50 songs in 90 days
50 songs in 90 days
That's a lot to write and play
50 songs in 90 days

Words to write
Pages might not rhyme
Songs are born
Of recycled yesterdays

Will you remember
What I sang
Do the memories flee
Just after you push play

50 songs...............

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Psychedelic! Loving the phaser guitar and that crazy lead tone. All the sounds work brilliantly to highlight your concept of quantum tunneling. I feel like I'm getting thrown into another dimension

yeah love the psychedlic effect! this is way cool! This is awesome man!

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Great work!

Quantum tunneling, they cause sinkholes?

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Quantum tunneling, yeah I think @ustaknow pegged this spot on. Loved every moment of this. Especially that phasered guitar. And I'm loving all the singing you're doing this year @dzd! Great Morph challenge entry!

See You In The Shadows…

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Songs are born of recycled yesterdays. That's a cool line. It's cool to not have to worry about 'hey, will I be inspired?'. You will be by your own stuff, you're supposed to be familiar with it Smile

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in this music is the sound if inspiration itself. blasting through the tunnels of your mind to recycle yesterdays mistakes into creations of the now.

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I knew I needed a psychadelic song in my day and this one doesn't disappoint! Nice work man!

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I love where you took this song! Seeing this song come from a folk song to a psychedelic one is pretty awesome. There is a wall of sound feeling to it that I really like. Very nice work with this one!

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I was so wrapped up in how to morph this, and it was so very much fun to morph, that I forgot to comment. Very trippy effects and a super fun blast off for the chain.