50 Songs in 90 Days

50 Songs in 90 Days

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Liner Notes: 

This is the MORPH 1 chain found at http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/morph-music-or-lyrics-only-challenge.

(Music) Morph 1
1. Seed song @AndyGetch *47208 [*47208]
2. @kahlo [*47620]
3. @wacha [*48073]
4. @nate.gerry
5. @dzd
6. @AndyGetch

I used the some chords as @wacha but decided to turn the powerchord tune in two a swinging 6/8 thingy. My feel is more along the lines of stoner rock or something. Courtney Barnett was what I was going for!

I tweaked the words to get a rhyme scheme but the song form is the same - Verse->Chorus->Verse->Chorus

Also added some psychedelic harmonies! I had like 15 tracks of vocal harmonies, which was neato.


So much to sing
So much to say
To capture a life
In a single day

My mind is expanding
Just like the cosmos
50 songs is enough
Well almost

50 songs in 90 days
50 songs in 90 days
That’s a lot to write and a lot to play
50 songs in 90 days

There’s riffs to write
And rhymes on a page
Some of my songs
Sound like yesterday’s

Will you remember
What I sang?
Or did you forget
To listen today?

50 songs in 90 days
50 songs in 90 days
That’s a lot to write and a lot to play
50 songs in 90 days

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This is very nice! I'm glad I've avoided the temptation to listen to any previous versions. Should have a lot of fun with this. I like everything I've heard of Courtney Barnett's(really only what I think was her first major album, something about sitting and thinking I could go look I have it somewhere but am lazy) but it's spectacular, and I'd say you captured her brand of laid back rock with just a little bit quirky rather well!

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I really like the change at the chorus. Good solid rock number.

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Oh wow! This is really fabulous!!! I absolutely love it! You created a wonderful laid back swing rock stoner masterpiece! Such a great vibe! The instrumentation is perfect and takes me back to some great music. Your vocals are awesome. Cool change up between verses and chorus. My lighter is swaying!

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I love where you took this song, it's a solid rock tune. I definitely get a bit of the stoner vibe from it, the rhythm and melody move the song along quite nicely and that chorus is really catchy. Very nice job with the challenge!

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Super catchy direction on the morph. Man that '50 songs in 90 days' hook is gonna be stuck in my head for awhile. Very hip tune!