Home Fires

Home Fires

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Liner Notes: 

Is this really a song? Is it barely a concept? Well, I like the guitar part too much not to post it, the vocals work, and if I really set about developing it I may end up with something ten minutes long that isn't much more. Posting!


Home fires for
While I’m gone, alone
home fires for your own home
For while I’m gone
Keep the riders away

you’ve got to hold your own home alone
While I’m gone, alone, keep those home fires goin
Like I used to do so long ago

For your own home let the lone fire flow
Now I’m gone, alone, keep those home fires goin
While I’m away

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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guitar part is in a similar vein as tim buckleys i never asked to be your mountain. vocals sound like a psychedelic cowboy and his doppleganger singing harmony, the end is too abrupt. give me the ten minute version

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Love the doubled vocals and the energy you have on your guitar. Really nice concept for a song.

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Man again i'll have to give you kudos for those sweet doubled vox! Fun song and chord choices!

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Great strumming and double vocals..