Strange Days

Strange Days

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Liner Notes: 

I saw the prompt and immediately thought of all the Qanon and other crazy conspiracies.


Strange Days
© 2021 Cindy Prince

In many ways tech can't be beat
Connecting with others is so sweet
But then you get the many nut rackets
And suddenly we all need a straight jacket

Everything in the world is run by Satan
Trump is the Jesus on which we've been waitin'
Pedophiles make every single decision
Anything to cause more and more division

Yes, these are some strange days
And just when you've think it can't get worse
The psychos spew out even more craze
Because they live in an alternate universe
They are planting delusional seeds
These are some strange days indeed

JFK Jr. is still alive
Trump will soon be reinstated
Most of Covid is just a farce
And they'll install a chip if you get vaccinated

Is this what we use the internet for?
To cause discourse and start new wars
I shake my head with yet another conspiracy
While they brag about white supremacy

Repeat chorus

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Roddy's picture

So true! You have described much of the madness that's all around us.

Cicpisces's picture

Love the idea of all that madness making up strange days. It's a strong lyric that deserves music. Nice skirmish.

coolparadiso's picture

yup afraid so - i wrote something a bit similar called rebels without a clue, it is strange times - i just shake my head - well said!

mike skliar's picture

nicely done lyric! we thought of a similar set of problems, for sure... (just posted mine) ha, strange times/days indeed!

Sunfire's picture

Lots of strange things brewing for sure. You do a nice job of illustrating just that.

K.C.'s picture

Like the "strange days indeed" casual reference to John Lennon's Nobody Told Me... Nice! Can't imagine (no pun intended) what he would have to say today!


Jyllian's picture

Great connections - kind of things I try not to think about too much.

tjeff's picture

Perfect take on the prompt - some great lines. A serious topic but some of your lines made me laugh because of the absurdity of what we're going through. Great snapshot of this moment in time.

nate.gerry's picture

Clever lyrics and very topical! I love the QANON theories you managed to fit in the lyrics in a way that sounds natural. The rhyme scheme makes it all seem not so bad. I would love to hear this put to music

Belladonna's picture

Yes, these are strange days indeed. Who knows what is really the truth?

kahlo's picture

Powerful pointed lyrics that have a lot of teeth, indeed! Fearless writing here and these are strange days, indeed! I love that extra emphasis! You go girl!

Scubed's picture

“And just when you've think it can't get worse” - yes, indeed! Great lyrical take on the insanity that surrounds us and wonderful response to the skirmish prompt!

wacha's picture

Smart and cutting lyrics here, I love them. Again, great structure to this, the rhyme scheme in particular is quite nice. That bridge is really sharp too.

darcistrutt's picture

Indeed it is a great big stupid world. You captured it well.