we only murder the ones we know

we only murder the ones we know

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the Catalytic Perverters - we only murder the ones we know


Liner Notes: 

Tuesday 13 July 2021. This was the final improvisation of the night. The camera battery died, so I used a slo-mo replay of footage from earlier in the evening.

It seems like something that could be refined and developed, adding a vocal and tightening the structure, but it's kind of long and maybe a bit blandish. Who knows; vocals can really change a song. I do like the movement in places, the way it kind of just keeps crawling along over different surfaces.

But we have a number of songs from earlier in the night that I want to focus on so, I'm posting it as is. This one needs too much work to bring up to snuff (and it is too long). And that's before I try to get the other guys to relearn it.

Meanwhile, our city continues to make the national news, but not for any of our successes or talents. The title is my take on what's going on, although it is quite an over-simplification and does discount the depraved indifference for life that results in bystander casualties (those at war might call it collateral damage). It kind of fits in with another improv, the final of the night from from last week, which I titled "guns at a funeral." I haven't posted it, but maybe there's an album coalescing...

murray - bass
b-shift - drums
toast - guitar

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I'd say you summed this up pretty nicely in the liner note, vocals, or even just another guitar part could really change the whole feel of this as it sits now just dubbed into. It does have a slithery slinky crawling vibe that is just kinda probing along deciding where it wants to go, never found it bland as that gave it a tinge of anxiety and tension. Even if there is no "resolution" such with most things in life. Can't help but be jealous listening too, I really don't like having to track stuff and just jam by myself Biggrin Still fun, just not quite the same Wink Great stuff!