Why Not?

Why Not?

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Liner Notes: 

Not much to it...Just a short texture piece with some simple lyrics. I was contemplating whether or not to post it and then I thought, "Why Not?"!


Dreaming big dreams
Dreaming big dreams
Dreaming big dreams

Dreaming big dreams
Dreaming big dreams
Dreaming big dreams

Big Dreams
Why not?
Why not?

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Excellent introduction with some really rich music. The guitars are great. The lyrics may be simple but they are also very effective. A nice short piece that could be made into something longer I think.

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Great title and hook. It's so simple and catchy! Love the guitar riff and very danceable beat. I'm wondering if you plan to develop this one. It's goooood!
Vocals work well too. Why not is right.

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i second that why not. its a nifty little tune that would sound great on the soundtrack of a neo-hip cowboy movie .

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great sound and i love the pedal that that vocal makes, then the guitar, against the changes underneath, sounds like you are just getting going! nice ideas

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Oh I love that bass, and the layers of guitars, like alternative paths into different dreams.

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very effective in its simplicity! great guitars, love the bass and deep vox!

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Love it--great production values: arrangement, balance.

Are you doing ALL of the instruments? Like the drum, too!

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This sounds really good and I was left wanting more...

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Ooh! This grabbed me right from the start. I love that solid bass foundation you build. The layers of guitars and your stereo spacing in the sound really works well to create a great atmosphere. Wobbs already mentioned the vocal pedalling, and that creates a wonderful tension and release throughout. Love it!

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Hey man, well this is really rather cool. Why have I not stopped by until now? Why not indeed. It has a bit of a Dire Straits energy to it, love that it’s so short, bass riff is awesome, guitars sound great as always, and the vocal (with all those cool echoes) just tops it off.

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It's short but really good! I love that bassline, it's got a fantastic groove to it. This feels kind of like a Bowie song to me which I think I am getting partially from your vocal. I like this one a lot and am really glad you decided to go ahead an post it.

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hell ya why not!? this is great. this would be a cool stab for a movie...something gritty.

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When I did philosophy at Uni, there was a philosophy question in the exam to write an essay, Entitled: Why.
Someone wrote just 'Why not' and got 50% Lovely idea for a song and the music really fits.

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great piece. short and sweet. all the elements present in one neat package. love the guitar, the lyric mantra and the beat. yeah.

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This has a good groove to it and the guitar sounds great. "Why not" goes perfectly with "Dreams" so it all fits.

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Good one! I like the different tones and guitar parts In each channel. Cool bass sound too. I’ve kind of forgotten how great things can sound if they’re not smashed down with compression! Thanks for the reminder.