Loops and Lead

Loops and Lead

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Liner Notes: 

I was playing around with some loops in my DAW and it sounded OK.
So I added two rhythm tracks and a lead just to give it some bite.. An improv over C and D
Updated July21

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Nice groove with some solid soloing. I honestly really enjoy the 2 chord jam quite a bit. This is a good example of why.

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As a guitar player, I totally appreciate this. It’s great fun to play along to, and build texture type pieces over, a steady loop.

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reminds me of those long summer jams in the park in the days before social distancing when it was okay to make out with strangerrs in the grass.

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very slick and groovy, At 050ish I thought you were about to launch into a "west coast" version of the rolling stones "miss you". That particular change really pricked up my ears.
Thanks so much for all your (always) kind words. Hugs.

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I love the groove of this one, it's got a funky, disco feel to it that made me want to dance.

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gorgeously groovy, nicely spacy, i like the shifts it moves through - dripping with cool

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Nod-along-able groove, nice guitar soloing!

Roddy's picture

Great groove and lovely bright Fender guitar playing. Very skilfully done.

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Just truly fantastic stuff. I'm trying to get my first 25 songs done "my usual way" and then do some experimental stuff using loops, etc.

This is truly inspiring. Great guitar work, too, of course!

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Really enjoyed the listen...wished it had gone on longer as I was getting into it...

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Really nice demo! Solid groove. Excellent guitar work!

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Niiiice groove. Straight off an 80s movie soundtrack (I want to say Beverley Hills Cop because of that funky bass line). Really enjoyed it Smile

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I agree with david, this struck me instantly as a scene from a movie.......opening shots walking a busy city street, or beach party Biggrin Great tone!

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Yeah! Loops and lead… what it says on the tin! Good groove and super guitar playing. I’m following you on SC - awesome sauce.

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Work that Strat! There's something profoundly satisfying about finding a coll loop and then grabbing a guitar to see where it takes you. You soon know whether you've got something or not. You clearly found something here!

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Great bassline.
The loops and rhythm tracks are perfect for your soloing on top.
Bluesy, soulful, a bit of funkiness.
The guitar itself sounds great - love that tone.

Nahlej381's picture

ya. that guitar sounds real nice! bitey and creamy...why do musicians act like they understand adjectives? lol sounds awesome. love the swingy drums, is that an octave pedal or are you playing bass? either way sounds cool, like the guitar doubling it, adds a nice layer. really dig the lead tone. ooooo, those double stops are slick.
nice one!

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Yeah, man. Great groove here. I could imagine a baritone doing a sultry R&B vocal over it like some kind of throwback to Isaac Hayes' Hot Buttered Soul. Nice.

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Oh this is niiiiiice. It's got killer flavoring to it. That guitar is putting the biggest grin on my face. Pants-kicking groove I can appreciate.