Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys

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Space Cowboy

Liner Notes: 

I was reading my latest science gazette, and saw that the government has ear marked millions to research ways to recycle space junk. I just can't imagine how that would work.


Space Cowboys
[Verse 1]
There's a new job listed in the adverts today
If you've got the smarts, apply, just say "Yea"
Round up yer little posse of your closest friends
That you wouldn't mind spending time that transcends

'Cos, you'll be together a while, they better be good friends
As you enjoy this ride and reap the dividends.
As you circle the globe at fifteen times warp speed
There is a whole lot of risk, that's guaranteed.

[Verse 2]
It's abundantly clear that humans are failing
To pick up the junk they are taking into space
There's a celestial hodgepodge of nuts and bolts
Decommisssioned satellites and rocket ship parts
They'll stay in orbit, don't panic, chances are good
that it wont fall on your neighbourhood.

'Cos, we'd all go together in a while, so why not be friends
As you enjoy this ride on earth and reap the dividends.
As you live on the planet and enjoy your satellite news
There is a whole lot of Netflix and sat nav you haven't used.

[Verse 3]
So the job, invent a garbage collection system
The problem, it's going pretty fast to capture it
You need to sneak up somehow and slow it down
Invent a garbage can that won’t explode
And capture these ticking time bombs in outer space.

So if you have a solution like a laser beam
That will latch on and pull it in, You’re in
or a vacuum with enough power to suck it up, hey you’re in luck
Maybe you space cowboys can use a big lasso To haul it in, it's not too soon
To clean up the atmosphere, one piece of space junk at a time.

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Wolf Kier's picture

Ha! Nice to see you made it here to us for Summer, Linda!
This is delightful and clever. Jobs, ecology and programs that would never pay for themselves. Could be a political platform in 2040! LOL.
Enjoyed my listen, but enjoyed more finding you in the new songs list.
Welcome from me, I hope you enjoy your time here with your new FAWM friends!
Hugs to you.

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isthis is funny as well as timely. imagine what such a clean up would entail. at the very least such a project would recharge the economy? and imagine the dividends in new junk stores selling the stuff to rich collectors.

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This is quite hilarious. I'm a big sci-fi nerd, authors have been saying how much of a problem this would end up being since before we even launched the first satellite, yet another one of those eh, whatever... we'll figure it out later problems!

Gave me a nice funny image of trying to sneak up on something traveling hundreds of miles per second and catch it with a rope, thanks! Biggrin

great singing/mando playing as well!

wacha's picture

This was a delight to listen to, you put a very important message into a clever and fun to listen to song. These are very smart lyrics, your vocals work wonderfully with the mandolin.