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The Mortal Taint - Run

Liner Notes: 

I'm not often topical, but sometimes there's things going on in the world that you just can't ignore.

I'm trying for high quality video here. Lets see how much editing 1080p bricks my computer.


The water is rising
And the only thing to do is run
No sandbags can save you
All you can do is run

Run to higher ground
And hope that the water doesn't come
When the river breaks its banks
There's nothing else to do but run

Temperature's rising
But they say it isn't so
And when the river breaks its banks
They'll claim they couldn't have known

Fire, floods, and rain
Will all be back again
And you can only run so far
Till there's no high ground to claim

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Damn! That was good! You had a really nice vibe going, good lyrics, and it kept me engaged. Nice work!

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Yummy I love funky stuff. Great video. I am just bouncing along to this!

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This is so funky! The topic is all too close to home what with all the climate craziness we've been experiencing hey? But the earwormy groove makes it a fun listen and not preachy. Great stuff.

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I'll just kick back and enjoy that glorious tele, if that's okay with you. Very nicely done.