50 Songs in 90 Days

50 Songs in 90 Days

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Liner Notes: 

This is the MORPH 1 chain - it is a Morph of Liz's song!

(Music) Morph 1
1. Seed song @AndyGetch *47208 [*47208]
2. @kahlo [*47620]
3. @wacha
4. @nate.gerry
5. @dzd
6. @AndyGetch

I kept the same chord progression for the verse but played power chords (I'm trying to use them some to mix up the sound of my songs) but I changed the chorus chords some. I used the lyrics in the verses but removed about half of them. I think I changed one word in the chorus. I also added shaker because I felt like my song needed a little percussion.

@nate.gerry you are next!


Verse: G5 D5 A5 C5
Chorus: E5 D5 A5 C5

So much to sing
So much to say
Within the universe
Of my mind

50 songs is
Not enough
To capture life
Day to day

50 songs in 90 days
So much to hear
So much to say
50 songs in 90 days
So much to love
Each and every day

50 songs
A lot to convey
There's new riffs to learn

Will I do more
I suppose
Maybe I'll write
A few for you

50 songs in 90 days
So much to hear
So much to say
50 songs in 90 days
So much to love
Each and every day

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I really love this, Catherine! Love the sound of the power chords and your strum and totally love the paired down pithy lyrics! My kind of song! Fantastic morph! Love it!!!’

How clever! Love the vocal attitude paired with the energy of the guitar.

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Oh do I totally love this! I would love so much to hear more like this one!

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Min instrumentation but max affect with lots of power in the vocals and guitar. Nice job Catherine.

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There’s something very Courtney Love about this! It has attitude grrrrl

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Lots of energy on this one! Really dig the uptempo and powerchords. Really cool meta-take on the whole 5090 experience. Nice job!

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love the rhythm guitar here and the vocals convince me that 50 songs are not enough. and i recall andy warhol asking lou reed how many songs he wrote last week. when lou repled that he had written ten, andy told him it wasnt enough you have to work harder, he said. after all, you are not going to be young forever.

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Vocal delivery and sparse production makes this! Keep’n it simple but still hard driving. Nice work.

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Its true! So much to hear, so much to love, to much to write! Sweet sounding collab in that 90's grunge kind of style! 45th song, only 5 to go!

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I DO love your voice so much! I might have to jump into one of these "morphs" sometime. Interesting music coming out of it.

Great job!

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They are called power chords for a reason! This is very powerful! I love the shaker! I'm really surprised I hadn't tried one of these morphs before, just felt weird how like I'd never want the original author to hear a cover of something of theirs I'd done because I'm bound to either change a bunch, or fail to mimic the orignal, but kind of exactly the point with these.

I'm also so glad I didn't cheat and go listen to any of these before I got to mine. It was hard enough getting the melody of nate's out of my head before I started just because I knew I couldn't sing it, this would of been more daunting. Great vocal performance as always, this has a really amazing restrained yet tons of power waiting to be unleashed feel to it, much like the lyric conveys lots of mystery and anticipation. Really enjoyed this!

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Sounds great as it is, kind of a subdued acoustic percussive vibe with a wonderful vocal melody. Fabulous additions to the morph!

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My mind universe is all kinds of wonky. This morph was cool. I need to start doing more of the challenges. They seem super fun. Really dig this one.