Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide

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Liner Notes: 

just about life and reflection. that Bill White is doing it Smile


V1 When the long last day goes by
And you ask yourself why
sinking faster than an ebb tide
And you want to get off of this ride

V2 I’m taking when i should just borrow
The old wild restless sorrow
breaking from my hiding place
Sliding without any trace

C Sadness tracing lines on me
Clear enough for all to see
Breaking up by degree
Its not how it was meant to be.


V3 I bare the pain of marks and scars
Just a footnote in my memoirs
Massive, gray, these leaden waves
Redundant as unmarked graves

B. Did it have to be this way
If so who has to pay
I guess its clear who it will be
Yup no guesses it will be me

V4 All that i have left behind
Was merely my state of mind
Scribbled by an unseen hand
Leaving imprints in the sand

C Sadness tracing lines on me
Clear enough for all to see
Breaking up by degree
Its not how it was meant to be.

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Wow! This is so well written (that 3rd verse is incredible!) Love the music and production. Nice!

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Well written lyric and song that is relatable. I like your vocal style that delivers the message.

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All your songs are so nice and calming to listen to, and you come up with such interesting lyrical lines. Good song.

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this guy is having a bad day at the beach. it must be the end of the world because even curtis mayfields guitat has lost its wah-wah. yet you make such melancholia sound so pretty. myself, i love indulging myself in gloom whi;e strolling down a grey-skied beach. that is the feeling i get from this song.

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‘Sadness tracing lines on me’ made me think of lines on one’s forehead etched in over time. Verse 4 is a winner - so slick. Melancholia for the win!

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Very nice, love the laid-back but steady groove, a bit Motown-ish. Cool rhythm-guitar riff. Good production too.

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Strong concept, the marks left on us and that we leave.

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Oh, THAT "Ebb Tide"... I only had 1 year of piano lessons at about 6 years old. But when the Beatles came out, I started buying sheet music of songs I liked--including the OTHER "Ebb Tide"--so I had to listen to this one. Interestingly, I just listened now to one of Bill White's reflections on the past so was really in the mood to listen to this one. Great job, as always! Very much love the arrangement.

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Such a great little melody, and some fine melancholy lyrics. That melody wins though, and positively takes all the sting out of the words, making this very very singable. I really liked it.

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What a lovely, thoughtful song - and groovy, too! The guitar/bass riffing is so nice. Amazing lyrics, and you have just the right vocal style for them.

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The groovy guitar is great juxtaposed with the low gruff vocal. The piano interlude is really nice. I really like the lines about your scars just being footnotes in your memoirs

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“Old wild restless sorrow” is lovely! I also really enjoy the melodic line in this and the piano solo as well.