It'll Do

It'll Do

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Liner Notes: 

The other day I heared a Tom Petty song called 'Alright for Now'. 'What a lovely little song' I thought initially. Then after a few listens I felt a bit annoyed for the person he was singing to. He's about to go 'travelin' for work. His refrain that she/they shouldn't worry because things are 'alright FOR NOW' doesn't seem the most reassuring thing to say to your other half before going off gigging for months. So I thought I'd write a response song from the partner.


When the night's dark
And I can't keep still
There's unrest in my heart
And my mind feels so full
I find solace

Holding to your arm
Resting on your skin
For a moment you're here
It'll do

I wonder
Why you can't keep still
If I ran so far
Maybe I'd sleep sound too
Would I then need to be

Holding to your arm
Resting on your skin
For a moment so small
Maybe it'll do
For now it'll do

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Thinking about what you said, I’m thinking that was kinda the attitude back then. Or certainly where he was from. Similar to my cousins who lived in the “Inland Empire” of Southern California. Hadn’t really thought about it before but it feels… sounds… familiar to me. Interesting. Your song is very sweet. I can picture it in a Disney movie.

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nicely done often two sides to a decision, not everyone sees the same outcome. Like everything about this one! really nice one

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there are those who thrive on the transient,believing it sets them free. then there are those who cling to an unchanging present, hoping for eternal bliss. but is the nature of things to change,for better and for worse.,still, there is an eternity in every moment. and the now may well last forever...somewhere

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The delicate ukulele is gorgeous (as are your vocals), and the lyrics pack a lot of emotion into a few spare images. Between the music and the words, the listener (or, at least, this listener) absolutely feels the "singer's" longing, and fear, and love, and wish for things to be different and more settled. Simply lovely.

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This is such a sweet and vulnerable song that has been in my head! You sing it so beautifully.. love the Disney movie comment.. it is like a lullaby

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Also I love all the musical parts.. really well put together and beautifully played. Great to hear the flute

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How delicate and beautiful a song. Your playing and singing are superb. I like the blend of instruments and the way they support your voice. Well done!