The Last Batch of Cookies

The Last Batch of Cookies

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this today with the closing of one of two Nabisco plants, one in the area I live in. The old factory building had been world headquarters to Nabisco and is way, way older than me. In fact, I believe the plant had been operated by the cookie and food manufacturer for more than 63 years. It was a blow to the cultural lay of the land, for many in that hundreds of jobs will be lost as a result of the closing which is today July 16, 2021. The closing also angered many locals here as the plant that baked much of Nabisco product goods is picking up and relocating the business and all it's doings to Mexico. Many, myself included will miss fabulous smells one could experience in the aroma department of one's nose. I live about 20 miles from the plant and I haven't been to work in person since March 2020 but I would always enjoy smelling the sweetness of baked goods with what I believed to be chocolate chip cookies being baked, when I drove by on the way to or from work. It was truly an enjoyable experience that will be sadly missed when I finally return to in person work in September when I will again drive by the plant. The odors that wafted out from the plant and the building itself have or had become icons for the area. The lyric I write about here today is a nostalgic reflection in a certain sense that also feels a sadness at the loss of something that was good, that brought people together and made us happy.

If anyone would interested in singing and playing guitar to this, I would love to hear it. : )


The Last Batch of Cookies

Oh the last batch of cookies
Went out on a tray
To be packaged and then shipped
On this final day
You see the plant is now closing
And they're sweeping the crumbs
Overseas for relocation
Hurting local incomes

Oh the last batch of cookies
I smell in the air
Yeah the scent of chocolate ship
At heart lingers there
That sweet aroma makes me cry
When I drive past the place
Guess it's just a sign of the times
Many people must face

Just an ol factory building
Maybe 10 stories high
But the goods are all gone
As I wave good-bye

Oh the last batch of cookies
Have already left
Feels like a personal loss
A cultural theft
And while the ghost of Nabisco
Will lay claim to my mind
I sense the reason for the move
Could leave many behind

Sunfire © 2021

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It's sad what has happened to do many factories just like this one. I bet those smells were heavenly! Great take on this.

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A strong sense of nostalgia and emotions for the old days before the world turned upside down. The only thing we're guaranteed in life is change. I do hope all those people find some other occupation somehow. I love the idea of small cottage industries and I myself am an entreprenuer.

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I love and write a fair few of these, sometimes with TJeff. Great observation. I find it a bit sad. I travel through so many old towns and places and industries which were once places life blood! Nice.

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I like how the lyrics reflect a double loss; the broader loss of jobs and local stability, and the more personal loss of the cookie smell. It's a sad day on both the large and small scale, allowing the listener to feel the personal sadness even when the big picture is too overwhelming. An unhappy story indeed, but a very rewarding set of lurics about the situation.

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Really powerful lyrics. Twenty-seven years ago, I worked on several different lines at a Pepperidge Farm plant. I loved coming home to the scent of chocolate and vanilla soaked into my pores….