They Took the Colors With Them

They Took the Colors With Them

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Liner Notes: 

I had quite a dream last night and wanted to write about it. In the dream my late brother came back to life for a little while, so that he could get his mate for 25 years, who died recently.
The last part of the dream I had looked to see a hillside covered in beautiful flowers. Then, I knew that they were gone, and I looked back to see that all the flowers were gone.
I said, 'They took the colors with them", and I woke up.
Been thinking all morning about what it meant, and suddenly then I knew.


They Took the Colors With Them
© 2021 Cindy Prince

A message in a dream
Of my late brother and his mate
He'd come back to life for a moment
His message could not wait

He said he'd soon be leaving
Had to go back to the other side
He had come back for his true love
With a message he'd provide

Pre chorus
I saw hillsides covered in flowers
Then I looked back and they were gone

They took the colors with them
I said to nobody there
The hillsides were now just dusty ground
They took the colors with them
And I was somehow aware
That their message was rather profound

Where did the flowers go?
I think they went to build a rainbow

His message I think was this
The rainbow was of pride
Love is love is love
Both here and the other side

Repeat chorus and prechorus

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That's really a beautiful dream and you turned it into a beautiful lyric. A great message of love that never ends and is never judged.

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Oh, this is lovely, Cindy. Smile Wonderful message, and beautifully described. Don't you just love dreams... Smile

'Love is love is love
Both here and on the other side'


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I like those two lines Donna quoted too! That's a good hook! It has so much meaning. You've created a hopeful lyric from your dream. I never seem to recall anything like that. Only the bizarre and disturbing tidbits! Flows really nicely. Well done.

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I love this song, it handles grief in such a beautiful way. It may take me some time (I've managed to fall a bit behind on my collaborations) but I would love to work with this one. Thank you for thinking of me and bringing it to my attention.

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Oh….this one is so beautiful. Love your message….grief is love looking for a place to go…