Old School

Old School

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Liner Notes: 

I'm working on rhyming faster in the hopes that someday I can start free styling so I took the words from the super skirmish L challenge and took 30 minutes to write them into a rap. Then I went for a walk. The plan was to come back and write the music in 30 but Logic was being a pain in my ass so it took a little longer. Anyway here it is and bonus, I got all 10 words in here and more than 5 of them are rhyming scheme words.

The words were: Burning, complicated, dreamed, floating, green, Ohio, orchid, polished, tradition, unlimited


I'm going old school like a new tradition
Quick spitting rhymes is my new ambition
Throw words in a blender like it's nutrition
Shoot off at the mouth with verbal ammunition
Shoot off at the mouth cause I'm uninhibited
Give a piece of my mind though it's unsolicited
My filter is shot and it's indiscriminate
Mind set free-unlimited

Ch: Old school like a new tradition
Quick spitting rhymes is my new tradition

Like a storm I blew outta Bowling Green
The one in Ohio, have you ever been?
Burning that bridge with kerosene
Nice little town but it's not my scene
Had an itemized list of plots and schemes
Plans, hustles, scams, dreams
But nothing is simple or so it seems
This little fishy's gotta swim upstream

This ain't no Shakespearean Sonnet
I'll take 30 minutes and then I'll drop it
Gotta list of words and I am on it
Shine 'em up until they're polished
I'm floating on the rhyme intoxicated
Running outta time but I'm concentrating
On this delicate orchid and it's complicated
Cause the orchid is a metaphor that I created

See... it's a metaphor for the idea blooming in my mind... maybe corpse flower was a better analogy.

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Enjoyed the fun melody - reminded me of some 60s Motown. The snaps were a cool addition!

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This was lovely! I may specialize in improvised lyrical music, but rap moves just a little too fast for me to think of trying.

I did, however, write a sloppy sonnet earlier today. It had the rhyme scheme (abab cdcd efef gg), but didn't have the syllable count or iambic pentameter. (I want to write a "crown of sonnets" for a concept album some time.)

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Old school for sure! Super fun creative lyricism and the instrumental is fuego!

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You do always do these well! This is no exception, plus i like old school!

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Fabulous!! I’m so glad you used these skirmish words to create such a cool song that paints a picture of the process in your mind. Love that hip hop fun delivery! Great!

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This is so much fun, you definitely captured the old school feel. Really nice use of the prompt and great, fast work putting this together.

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i love the clean melody in that synth- great rapping, nicely written and delivered, nice track