Predatory Land Sharks

Predatory Land Sharks

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Liner Notes: 

I envision this as rock but it doesn't have to be.

I will leave it to the viewer's imagination to decide what has happened and where it goes.

* I try to use my imagination often to write about things but for the record the club or bar scene and the characters I wrote about here are fictitious.


Predatory Land Sharks

He's a predatory land shark
Looking to score
Thinks he's found a good girl
That only he could adore
Makes her laugh, buys every drink
Then asks her to go
Back to his lilipad
Thinking he's got her in tow


She's a predatory land shark
Here for the kill
And she'll go home with him
When he thinks he'll get his fill
She circles with seduction
Until he moves in
That's when she plays victim
On the surface with her fin

A shark for a shark
A tooth for a tooth
A double dose of jaws
Can be so uncouth

Both are predatory land sharks
Out on the prowl
Who deserve each other
And play a little foul
She will court his libido
And that's where he'll fall
No one is innocent
In this game of hard ball

Sunfire © 2021

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I like the land shark concept and the wordplay (shark for a shark, tooth for a tooth). In my mind it could go either way, a rock tune or alternatively a deceptively jolly uke tune!

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Good write. Yes, they deserve each other. Ha! Liked the lilipad, hadn't heard that one.

Kristi's picture

Great visuals in this! It reads really well and there's lots of images to digest. Clever lily pad line! Good attitude for some cool music!

colgoo's picture

Whew! Great imagery and storytelling with these lyrics…also what a great hook (and bait) with your titular refrain at the beginning of each verse.