uh-huh (Mama Likes Her Coffee)

uh-huh (Mama Likes Her Coffee)

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Liner Notes: 

This a happy little number I wrote just for fun. I recently added lyrics for the flute players so they could get the phrasing. (This was motivated by an interview I saw with Burt Bacharach where he said he wrote lyrics for trumpet parts, because if they could sing the part they would get the phrasing right.)

One of my flute playing friends is really into her coffee so the lyrics below were for her.


Yo' mama she likes her coffee.
Yo' mama she likes it a lot.
So serve it up right with a head of cream
she'll drink it that way all day long. yeah

The home roasted beans, go in the espresso;
they gotta get steamin' hot. (the cremé)
To brew it up right you gotta hear that steam
yo' mama wants it done just right.

The cremé, she says, is what really makes it yummy.
Hot espresso IS so delicious!
When done right, it has a wonderful foamy texture
Oh, man! I love it so!

So brew me a cup and make it a double
I'm feelin' so wild, why not? (oh mama!)
Just brew me a cup and top it off with cream
and serve it to me piping hot!

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That's a nice yummy flute texture. << and I said that before I saw the word "texture" in your guide lyric! The guide lyric is a great idea, and this track came out great!

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no sung lyric? qw....i was waiting for that. but you and bert have inspired me to write some melodies on the trumpet we shall see how that turns out.

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How cool is this - VERY! It's like I was hearing a warm cup of Joe for my ears. Wonderfully arranged and just an all around pleasure to hear. Thanks for sharing.

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I really like the uplifting melody! It's got a happy vibe and I feel like whistling now, though I don't really know how to! Fun lines in the lyric....! Nice work!

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I LOVE this one! Immediately put me in mind of Randy Newman, and that is a great place to be on a Saturday morning. If you fancy developing this and adding some vocals (or doing something new but in a similar vein) let me know! Would love to collab. Here’s something I did during FAWM for reference (in my head it’s a similar vibe…): https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/irBwSSB1MMTmqrVZ8

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I'm listening and commenting as I play a management game on my PC, and this track was perfect as I was shopping for furniture for my hospital in the game.
This has such a cool feel to it. With the lyrics about one of my favorite beverages being 'sung' by the flutes in that upbeat and cheerful way with a bit of jazzy piano...this all just makes me feel kinda good.
Short but very very enjoyable listen.

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Infectiously upbeat and great fun. For some reason this makes me think of 1960s American sitcoms (and I know that's weirdly specific, but I think it has something to do with the sense of optimism in the music.)

One tiny niggle: I suspect that your friend was talking about the "crema" which is the foam that sits on top of a decently-pulled espresso. And yeah, we're all about the crema. It *is* what makes an espresso great.

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yeah the crema - not being a coffee enthusiast myself I didn't quite know which language to try to spell it with. I guess its and Italian thing and I substituted a "French" sort of spelling. Oops. I think I get what you say about the '60s sitcoms thing. Not so bad, we need some optimism these days, eh?

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Very pleasant! I like your liner notes on the Burt Bacharach observation. I'm a trumpet player and I always thought Billie Holiday's phrasing sounded like a trumpet.

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Fun piece! I was enjoying it so much it was over before I knew it!

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This is really nice! It does have that optimistic, nostalgic feel of an old style TV sitcom like @headfirstonly said. Smile on face, spring in step. Appropriate to the theme too. Intrigued by the idea of writing instrumental lyrics - never really thought about this before but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for this one!

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This is beautiful music! The flutes are lovely. I hope you find a vocalist to complete this delicious package.
And thank you for your comments on Dogs Get Away With Murder. It was a fun collab with Alex.

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This is a really beautiful, jazzy feeling song. I love the upbeat feel, the melody is great and moves along quite nicely. Great work, I really enjoyed the listen and that ending really buttons the song up.