Sibyl, Will You Show Yourself

Sibyl, Will You Show Yourself

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Liner Notes: 

Words by Elaine DiMasi, music by Elaine DiMasi and toms

Elaine says: I really wanted Marshall Crenshaw, Peter Steele, and Kenny Hickey for the vocals on this one, but they weren't available.


Sibyl, will you show yourself

we got Kings that hoard every pretty thing
we got Guns that boss around everyone
we've got these telescopes pointed at you
there's one thing you can do

Sibyl, will you show yourself
Sibyl, will you show yourself
there isn't any answer from anyone else
Sibyl, will you show yourself

oh Sibyl, answer the phone
we're starting to believe that we're alone
alone with guns and kings and frauds
if there aren't any gods - hey!

Sibyl, will you show yourself

we made plans for a planet, a planet that burns
we're afraid it'll never be our turn
turn these telescopes on to you

Only You are The Sibyl at Baade's Window
Where the stars shine through the clouds
Baade's Window, where the light shines through the dust
We wonder aloud
That the gods no longer speak to us
O Sibyl
Come, speak, at the Window
We have one question before we go to Mars
If Guns and Kings can witness
One precious blue-white pearl
Will they know the treasure that is ours?

Sibyl, will you show yourself
Sibyl, will you show yourself

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Nice Alt pop song, almost goes into psychedelia there. Enjoyable listen.

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there was a quir=te doof band in seattle in the early 80s, the visile targets, wo had a couuple of songs that should have een hits. this song reminds me of them and all rthe excitement buzzing around the group at the is a wonderfully exicting piece of rock androll that could thrill any audience at any time. run with it.

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Yes, the @toms guitars are wonderful in combination with this great lyric and melody. Smile

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Speaking of full-70s soul style…..what an amazing collaboration! This is groovy! Love the energy. Great story in the lyrics. Fantastic production with both instruments and vocals!

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Hooked me in straight away and kept hooking me until the end. Great energy, performance and production. I liked the breakdown section, it reminded me a bit of the middle 8 in The Clash's Clampdown.

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Oh wow - I totally like this. Great alt-rock sensibilities; a straight rocker all the way around. Love the chorus. It's catchy and memorable and fun. And that organ...oooh, I'm loving that very much!

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Fun tune. I definitely hear Marshall Crenshaw and a bit of the Romantics at the end. Really well done.

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Oh, this is great too! Starting on the (cracking) chorus is a great statement of intent. This song pelts along, up to 11 (apart from a necessary breather) in quite the most beguiling way.