The Day Elsa Came A Callin’

The Day Elsa Came A Callin’

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Liner Notes: 

Barbados is the closest second home for me. I have visited the island almost every year since the 1980’s. Made many friends there. I watched the news of Elsa from my home in Canada.
PS. A tornado ripped through part of the city where I live today. Considerable damage to the south of me. No loss of life reported.


The Day That Elsa Came A’Calling

[Verse 1]
The day C that Elsa came a'calling
Was like no F other day I've F known
What she G brought to us was not calming
In fact, it F chilled us G to the bone.
We were C warned about her visit
We F prepared the best we could
But G who is ever fully prepared
When a F woman is so G misunder C stood?

Dm The wind it did blow, and the Em thunder it did roll
And the F trees outside had no con G trol
Dm I lie in my bed, covers Em over my head
And the F roof flew off of my G little shed.

[Verse 2]
I could C hear the trees a'creaking
as they blew F sideways in the wind
And the G rattling noises as the roof gave way
And F let the daylight G in
I C stumbled out of my bed
Found some F clothes to keep me dry
Went G outside to examine
As I F waved my G roof good C bye

Dm The wind it did blow, and the Em thunder it did roll
And the F trees outside had no con G trol
Dm The passage of Elsa was Em nearly complete
Seemed like for F ever, but only a G heartbeat

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"The trees outside had no control" is delicious. Then we feel relieved that it's just the roof of the shed. The the roof over our heads goes. Great job with surprising us just as much as the real storm did, all in this charming form.

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lovely playing. sounds like a big storm that you storytell nicely

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I had to hear your Elsa song!
I dig the island-y strum of your mandolin. Cool chord changes, too.
Vivid storytelling, and I like the video - good to see and hear you!

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Good journal-with-a-tune song! Cool to have this moment in history captured in song. Crazy that you ended up with bad weather up in Canada too! I enjoyed the mandolin and the delivery was great with your facial expressions. Nearly like watching a theater performance. I enjoyed it!

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A wonderful folk tune and a well told story of a passing hurricane in the lyrics. We've been through three major hurricanes where I live in Florida but were hunkered down in the hallway listening to radio updates after the power went out. All we saw was the aftermath.

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More songbird storytelling, a folky historic documentery, which is one of the most important jobs of song over the centuries. Very well done. Enjoyed again.
Thanks for your always kind words. Smile

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I love the personal perspective living through Elsa. I feel like I'm right there in the moment going through the storm with you. I really enjoyed it.