Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

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Oh Baby!

Liner Notes: 

Someone challenged me to use a biblical reference, so I went to the nativity. And no immaculate conception.


Oh, baby, Oh, baby.

It was just another night, I was studying late
First semester almost done, I was doing great.
I took a little break from the study hall
Met up with some friends over at The Last Call.

Felt a little dizzy when I was walking home
I sat down on the bench, so I didn’t fall down
I don’t remember much, and I woke up confused
I was somewhere, but nowhere, that I could have used.

# I’m embarrassed, what happened to me
I’m embarrassed, I don’t know what happened to me.

Get on with my classes, focus on my exams
I want to do so well, so I stay home and cram
I got to keep it together for another week or two
Then I can visit with my family, decide what to do.

The holiday was restful, I spent time with my friends
We all had lots to talk about, all odds and ends
But I was really tired, and felt a little queasy
The pieces fit together, I felt so uneasy.

# please, please. don’t let the stick turn blue

My parents get real mad, say I ruined my life
My boyfriend is confused, doesn’t want me in his life
Why can’t they support me in my times of distress,
Instead I will be on my own, I’ll be homeless.

My counselor at school talks me through the decisions
She helps me make some choices regarding my conditions
My boyfriend comes around, he wants to stay with me
He wants to be my partner and a father to the baby.

# I love him and we’re gonna be fine

It’s been a lot of hard work to live our lives with joy
But we support each other, and care for our boy.
The years have passed on by, we’ve seen the miracles
He’s a leader of men, and he’s an individual.

We’ve felt the pain of poverty, and loneliness
Been despised and rejected, and often in distress.
So, if you're sad or unhappy, or you feel all alone,
Remember you can connect, just reach out for some one.

# look for the good in the world

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Great storytelling! A happy ending to a difficult start to a situation!

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You have a lot of soul in this! I really enjoyed the mandolin. Thank you for this lyric: "So, if you're sad or unhappy, or you feel all alone,
Remember you can connect, just reach out for some one." I've often struggled with loneliness. This was a joy to listen!!! Also, I see your quiltwork in the background Smile

Wolf Kier's picture

What a great (all too common) story. But this time (not always) with a happy ending.
You have such a way with words and music, you love it, it loves you. Enjoyed my listen.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my #5. Hugs.

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i really like the shape of the melody/progression/scantion of this. nice story telling and endearing performance. really nice

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I love the rhymes in the lyrics, and your storytelling vocal/musical delivery. A nice ending, too. Good one!

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First things first... that is some serious sewing machine gear in the background !! I see you are a fellow quiltaholic Smile
This is a really fun and cool song, and I love your treatment of it. I love being able to watch the video too Smile