All That I Ask

All That I Ask

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Liner Notes: 

(demo in progress) Finally getting around to posting one of the songs I've written in the last several days. Sometimes, people are so broken that they feel the need to hide from the ones they love. These include pain, anxiety, depression, and the like. But things can only remain bottled up for so long before the bottle bursts. And when it bursts, people can get hurt. This song is about forgiveness. The person speaking has hurt a relative, a family member, or a significant other because of their perceived weaknesses. All they want is to apologize and ask the person for a chance at redemption. It may not work out, but the rewards outweigh the risks.


I’ve had more than my poor heart can handle
In a year where the sun wouldn’t shine
And all that I ask
Is to give me some time

The rope around my body is tightening
And my ribs start to crumble and crack
And all that I ask
Is to cut me some slack

If I could paint pictures with my eyes
They would show you a world without light
And all that I ask
Is to lend me your sight

Too long
I’ve wallowed and wilted and waned
I once was strong
But now all I can feel is the pain
Broken glass colored with my bloodstains

I wouldn’t ask for your wisdom
I wouldn’t ask for your heart
All that I ask
Is for someplace to start
All that I ask
Is for somewhere to start

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That's a really powerful lyric. Please let me know when the demo goes live- I'd love to hear the song fully realized!