Lost Days

Lost Days

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The Mortal Taint - Lost Days

Liner Notes: 

I'm going a bit more up-tempo with the this one and putting some loud guitars on it. Fortunately, my little Fender Pawnshop Mustang Special brings plenty of rawwwk to the proceedings.

I'm starting to figure out all this video stuff as well. I think I've mostly solved my lighting issue.

I also spent some time working on some patch settings for the little box I put my bass through, so that should be sounding better as well.


I remembers days in my life
In a past gone away
Now for good
When I held out hope that my life
Would work out in the way
That it should

Those are lost days
Only I recall

I do recall that I had plans
In those days
And if I fall, then in my mind
My memories comes easily
So I can live again

I survived it all, when life
Would let me down
I recall
And the days that are lost
Won't weigh on my mind

There's more ahead
People survive in the end

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Love the guitar sound, the first Fender I ever owned was a Mustang bought from a Cash Convertor type store. A cool power-poppy rocker, Nice one.

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Great tune! Really dig it. Guitar, words and vocals have produced a good song.

richaaaay's picture

Nice guitar work throughout. Fun seeing the video, particularly the ending. Your shirt is killer too. Works well with the music!

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this is some good, no-nonense rock and roll. love both the rthythm and lead guitar work, and the melody shoots forward without slowing down or getting in the way.