Stole a Little Kiss

Stole a Little Kiss

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Liner Notes: 

Susan was kind to lend her voice which I find suits this track wonderfully. Indeed the vocal range is a perfect match and that was a good thing for me because it would have taken considerable effort to transpose the orchestra to a different key from the original!

Hmm, looks like there's a bug on the website that makes this song appear twice on my profile. If you look at the address, it's song 47759, posted only once. Hopefully this will not cause further technical problems.


Stole a Little Kiss
© 2021 Cindy Prince

I thought him a bit old fashioned
Who waltzes anymore?
Yet something about him intrigued me
Then he led me to the floor

I felt like time had gone backwards
I matched his steps quite well
He whispered to me ever softly
Yes, he had me under his spell

And we danced close for hours
I felt I was meant for this
He waltzed me around so smoothly
Then he stole a little kiss

I'd needed something different
A new and marvelous romance
My life changed in that moment
My love first asked me to dance

Repeat chorus

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I too am so happy Susan lended her amazing voice that works so wonderfully with this sweeping, beautiful, moving song! Lifts my spirits and I can see how this could be in a movie. Thank to you both!

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Oh yes! Susan’s vocals are perfect for this song! Feel like I’m at an old-time theater!

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Very nice collaboration. Great lyrics with perfect music and singing to match.

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I enjoyed singing this lovely composition for you guys! The high note is an e flat...which I can only hit on a good day. Luckily it was a good day...but I had to stand up. LOL

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for some reason, i kept imagining robert deniro and liza minelli dancing to this song in the movie new york new york.

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I really enjoyed this, a beautiful timepiece! 123 123, i like everything about this!

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Wow. This is timeless. The vocal is beautiful and only underlines how prefect the lyric was for the sublime track. Great great multi-collab. Congrats to all! Smile
Thanks for the heads up on the updated demo, Cindy. And thanks for the always kind words on my stuff!

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I'm so glad I scrolled back to listen to this one. Late to the party! Oh, my--Susan's vocals!!

Fantastic orchestration and arrangement. Great lyrics. This is a magnum opus for all of you!