The Smell Of You (skirmish revisited and revised)

The Smell Of You (skirmish revisited and revised)

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Liner Notes: 

This started as a skirmish where Wobbie Wobbit provided the prompt "smell or the scent of something". I liked the start of what I had come up with but at the time I had no part B/chorus and limited lyrics. It was just over one minute long. I've taken some time with it and am pretty pleased with the end product. The skirmish version had some drums and a slightly different feel but I'm not any good at creating a drum track to follow something with breaks and changes. I'm envious of those that know how to do that. I've only used canned drum tracks, which are fun but limiting. If anyone cares to enlighten me about creating drum tracks, please let me know...

Thanks for listening and for the encouragement from those suggesting I develop my skirmish further, namely billwhite51, wacha and headfirstonly. I hope you three get to hear this and like what I've done.


The Smell of You © Rich Joseph 2021

The smell of love
Fire burning bright
He held your hand
You held his heart

It’s about last night
Breath of fire
Latent love
No more latent love
No more latent love

Smoke woven shirt
Coffee’s brewing
He’s stewing
In the smell of you

It’s about last night
Breath of fire
Latent love
No more latent love
No more latent love

Waiting for a signal
Through a stained glass pane
Flicker or flame

Hot embers burning
In his veins
Breath of fire
Latent love
No more latent love
No more latent love
No more latent love

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Love the guitar tones you are getting. And I spent a lot of time thinking about your phrase "smoke woven shirt". Decided I like it! Wink

Very, very nice--and you've got a real knack for arrangement!

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I really enjoyed this. Great guitar work, vocals and superb production. A really nice listen.

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i think you have developed your skirmish idea into something quite wonderful...the no more latent love refrain is terrific and the guitar has a quality that is both warm and inviting .as well as a bit haunte and chilling. a great song to immerse oneself in.

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Very, very nice. Really good, Rich. Vocal delivery, the words, guitar and all. I enjoyed listening to your song.

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Love how you’ve moved this on from the initial skirmish snippet. That intro is super cool, lovely tones on the guitars. The riff that comes in before ‘No more latent love’ is so so good, almost Bacharach-like - the only minor quibble I had was that it builds an element of tension which kind of deserves a bigger payoff, rather than going straight back to the verse? Maybe just me though. I highly approve of the big delays on the solo - really effective! You’re right to be pleased with the result, great song Smile

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I like the opening notes and how they create a mood before the vocals begin. Good choices of words. They say a lot in a very concise way. Very nicely done!

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You've set a tranquil mood here with this piece. I like the chorus a great deal and the narrative is well developed; actualized in every verse. Production is killin' and now I'm getting inspired.

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this has a feel of the Walker Brothers in the chorus. it sounds lush and i love the changes. you vocal is so straight up and rich. great lyrics, i love smoke woven shirt. glad you got a more developed song from it, it is really nice

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This is really great, Rich. I love the exploration of smoke with passion. And your musical setting fits in well with this theme.

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Something special about this...probably that it is so good!

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I'm so glad you went back to work on this one some more, that electric guitar adds a wonderful magic to the song. Really nice work!

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Great break into the "chorus", 0.49sec, I guess I'll call it, - hook (even worse label Smile hahhh, - not into labels).

- Drums are a pain in the ashes and for a demo a solid loop w/o breaks is not bad unless "hear" that big band 20 piece in there; listen to some Eric Clapton... all that guy does is 4/4 no fill or Al Greene. (Don't want their focus blended, or overshadowed, arguably, - guitar, lyrics, vocals).

If one is patient, actually the D-naught guitar itself can do some interesting stuff mic'd as dub. On a few of my tracks I specify, ~ no drum, and not a cajon, rather the guitar and in one the Strings slapped at the harmonic 7th.

- Not taking about the fancy Busker slap-a-holics, no, - dubs via Mic and, or direct in; an overloaded close proximity mic like SM57 (clone) can work.

- Just say'in.

Otherwise, get yourself a 3 piece kit Smile with crash and ride and - John Bonham it with 2 overheads (mics) Smile Every guitar player needs an acoustic drum kit.

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This sounds lovely. Love the solo, lovely the Bill Callahan-esque vocals. Absolutely love the "no more latent love" line, words and tune, and wanted more of it, because I have no self-restraint, and would have repeated it fifty times if this was mine. Maybe your more sparing treatment is better.

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I'm glad you took this further, it deserved it. That descending line in the chorus is very magical. And you paint pictures with those words that are tangible. Great job, my friend. You took it up a couple notches and that's what it's about. Thanks, again, for your kind words and input on my revisions. Much appreciated! Smile

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love your guitar tone. just the perfect amount of melancholy in the guitar. vocals sound good. great lyrics. o damn, that was cool...chorus is so NICE. the delay is perfect.

someone call the cops, this guys killin it. this is one of my favs ive heard so far in the challenge.

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Wow! Gorgeous vocals and guitar work. Someone else mentioned Bill Callahan, I can really hear that too. One of the best tunes I’ve heard on 50/90 so far this year.

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Really evocative visual images and great guitar tones! Reminds me of Lou Reed somehow—but you sing this kind of song better.