Horse Doctor - Pony Is Dying

Horse Doctor - Pony Is Dying

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Liner Notes: 

Who will be able to resist this title? I feel my eyes filling up with tears just writing these sentences.

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Ya you got me. That’s a title you can’t walk away from. Another cool composition! So many cool lil things to grab you as it builds. Really digging your stuff!

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As someone who grew up with horses, I can certainly relate to this. Horses can create close bonds with humans and this piece of music reminds me of the sadness when you lose your pony.

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I may have already said, but I used to live with a horse.
He was literally my best friend.
He had a habit of suddenly passing out and falling over, which used to keep me on my toes so I didn't get crushed.
Once he fell over and would not get up.
I was at the point of wondering who I could call to help me get a dead horse off of my front porch.
But then he recovered and hopped right up and was fine again.
But I thought he was gonna die.
Eventually I had to give him away so he could live with some other horses.
Broke my heart.
So this is what your song reminds me of.
I like it very much.